THE PRODIGY BTS: "Genre" (2019) The Prodigy - Timebomb Zone (Official 2 weeks ago   01:53

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A dream team of horror maestros created a terrifying twist on the evil kid subgenre. Watch this new behind-the-scenes clip for #TheProdigyMovie and prepare for the scariest movie of the year. Get Tickets: #WhatsWrongWithMiles

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Segura Alvaro
Omg I watched it the little boy miles is a good real actor
the Trailer movie
Margaretha Niela
*The Prodigy (2019) film :*
Dieser Film ist unglaublich, jetzt schau es dir an!
Emmanuel Rivera
omg dis is the best move
Big chungus *
Arkan NOA
Possession or reincarnation, memories of an old life
Barbara Cook
Child’s play 2019 trailer
Can’t wait
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The Prodigy - Timebomb Zone (Official THE PRODIGY BTS: "Genre" (2019) 2 weeks ago   03:25

From the new album ‘No Tourists’.
Out Now:
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Directed by Paco Raterta
Produced by Maurizio Von Trapp

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