Fake Mall Cop Prank! Gordon Ramsay’s WORST Chicken 10 months ago   10:09

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Spencer S
Daniel Browne
Ah-dee-das... Not adee dus lol
Taylor Campbell
It's so funny they can go jail for impersonating authorities
Jayy T.
3:15 i fckn died😭😭
Joe Brown
i gotta quit watching these before i get arrested. just walked into my local convenience store with a bus full of Mormon chicks inside. The clerks know me and said whats up Joe. I reply yo just looking for some sister wives lookin for some revers cow. he said what so i said ya bro full send.
Cameron Anaya
was that the glendale galleria in the last one
Ai Shan
Your prank is not funny and its not good your harassing people
michael shay
These guys are the dumbest assholes on YouTube. It's not a prank it's just you being a total dickhead
haze blank
5:22 lady is 🔥🔥
4:50 that’s just being Slav. And his name was Vladimir
white overred
6:40 i am waiting for jesse to become a police department
Ays Perez
How the fuck does anyone not know that other guy is big nik and is from David’s vlog y’all are uncultured if y’all don’t know who he is
Trent Garwood
Two in the pink
One in the stink
Just keep it clean
You know what I mean?
JustSome Lad
The cops actually get a discount on donuts.
Brendan Thornton
Bro Jessie should have been like are you trying to bribe me when that guy offered him money 😂
CreNative. .For. Sure
Jesse funny bro
3:39 he should have said "ey, do a kickflip"
Trix Stix
i like how he is the same hieght as the person on the segway
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Gordon Ramsay’s WORST Chicken Fake Mall Cop Prank! 10 months ago   11:51

From chicken wrapped shrimp to chicken being cooked after being dropped onto the floor.

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