OREM Testimonials - Luis Pazos Joshua Carroll: Reaching for the stars 4 months ago   03:37

Enrique Otarola
Enrique Otarola receives testimonial from Luis Pazos, a film editor actor from Hollywood.You can learn more about Luis new movie at Dasoir Films: http://dasoirfilms.com/Conartist/ Feel free to check us out at www.orematsocal.com wwworematnocal.com www.oremataz.com blog at enrique25may.blogspot.com OREM Business Solutions at www.orembs.com

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Lauren Serna
Funny video...
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Joshua Carroll: Reaching for the stars OREM Testimonials - Luis Pazos 4 months ago   04:14

Joshua is a veteran who realized his dream of becoming a physicist by teaching himself advanced mathematics from YouTube. Find something new to learn at youtube.com/learning.