My UGLY Fast & Furious Lamborghini My First Drive in a LAMBORGHINI CENTENARIO! 1 day ago   14:50

Thanks to Color Recon for their AMAZING paint and body work!►
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Today is a HUGE step in my Fast & Furious Lamborghini Murcielago project, since the experts at Color Recon just restored it to better than new condition! It still is a long way from being finished, but the end is in sight! I can't wait to see the finished product! #fastandfurious #milliondollarshowcar

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It was a paint emergency, you had to dial 9-Juan -Juan.
Crossed Rifles
I hope they get a ride when it’s done.
So he destroyed the movie cat just to make it a normal Lambo?
People been saying i look like you ......... i get it
Paul Spencer
What is the name of that song
Timothy Peterson
Timothy Peterson
Steven Corbo
Tovarisch thank you for always doing it first rate as opposed to the way sam crac does it
Adam Tidswell
.....then someone clips it with a shopping trolley ! ... OUCH .. I`d be afraid to take the thing out and enjoy it after all that work
frosty A B
So, how many guys does it take to paint a Lambo? at least five, one to paint, one to hold the hose, and (at least) three other to "supervise"
Kevin Hibbard
The owner of the shop is glowing with pride. You can tell he knows he's not gonna get called out for cutting corners, and has done it right.
Why did they start painting the engine bay cover?
Brian Druggan
Is it just me or are you saying OEM a lot more?!?
This is prolly going to be the best movie car ever after shooting, you are investing too much!
Rey Gomez
Definitely need new rims!!!
Looks like this Juan is almost finished!
Will P
For a second there I thought Juan painted his shirt orange too.
Supercar Qatar
Looking sh1t hot!
corey goodson
Im that shops matco tool dealer i sold juan his $1200 paint gun. Been watching this car come together in person each week. Such a great job 👌👌 no corners cut here
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My First Drive in a LAMBORGHINI CENTENARIO! My UGLY Fast & Furious Lamborghini 1 day ago   23:45

This is the absolutely insane Lamborghini Centenario and my first drive to see what it's like! Visiting Manhattan Motorcars, let's discover the one-of-20 hypercar in full exposed carbon fibre before heading out into the concrete jungle to enjoy the surprisingly loud sounds of the V12.

Thanks to Lamborghini Manhattan, you join me in the showroom to unveil the Lamborghini LP770-4 Centenario Coupe, one of only 20 units built alongside 20 Roadsters and one of only a handful presented in fully exposed carbon fibre bodywork. The car features a 6.5l naturally aspirated V12 that makes 770ps and 690nm which means 0-100km/h (62mph) in just 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 350km/h (217mph). The Centenario is part of Lamborghini's special series of products and incorporates some technology to the Aventador platform on which it is based that would later arrive onto the more series production models like the 4 wheel steering and large touchscreen controller interface.

After pulling the covers back from the Centenario in the showroom, it's time to bring it thunderously into life and then maneuver the car outside to the streets to experience the drive. Immediately setting about squeezing the car through some immensely tight gaps left by trucks, the experience and drama of the car is noticeable instantly. From there despite not being able to push on due to being in the centre of New York City, it's still quite an experience to be behind the wheel of such a car as the Lamborghini Centenario.

A huge thanks goes to the owner of the car for the opportunity to drive it and of course the invitation from Rob and the team at Manhattan Motorcars, who you can follow here:

Thanks for watching, Tim