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Best Moments Of Toddy Smith | Vlogsquad Best Moments February - At Up-Tube.com

Best Moments of Toddy Smith VLOGSQUAD BEST MOMENTS FEBRUARY 2 days ago   43:47

Kyle Blunt
These are all the best moments of toddy smith in 2017 only! the one and only, the OG hot guy of the vlogs Toddy! This is David's vlog if Toddy was the main character!

Thanks for watching! Just a big fan of David Dobrik and an aspiring YouTuber!

David's Channel: https://up-tube.com/channel/HPzu5tqjPk6yA7tRP20yrAIN

Todd's channel:

INTRO- "10k - (feat. Dixxy) - Panthurr"

OUTRO- "4 - Ricky Montgomery"

^they both on x games mode

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Raffi Adjeleian
38:24 lolololololol
Meghan Kindle
41:48 lol!!!
Meghan Kindle
todds face when he sees the bunny on his chest! 13:00
Meghan Kindle
3:10 im dead!!!!
The only one ITS the Joe
43:18 oml jasons face xDDDDDDD
Travis Ramsey
@kyle blunt. What’s the best in the intro I’ve heard it before I just can never find it
Jason looks 48
Darren Sauer
Scotty is so much prettier than Todd
Grace’s Iconic
asdf ghjk
omg ive always wanted to know his ethnicity
Okay toddy is a JDM🔰 person lol
AnnerTheNoob /
Who elsw thinks that Todd looks like Elmo in the thumbnail
I 8 a Raddish
*every joke on the vlog*
David: why do you have [instert water related thing here]
Person: cause I’m gonna go drown in that puuuuusssssaaaayyyy
samuel Zuniga
did anyone hear his voice crack at the start of the video
Jorge Mercado
This is godly, cheers to David “the man” Dobrik.
Zander Coulter
Cabri Saskatchewan Canada there’s no cops
Meghan Barber
Liam -
I didn’t know you touched my sack💀💀💀💀💀
Underground Vibes
Why do these all sound like a bad porno scene
Jennifer Mae
Fun fact ; Absinthe is only illegal to sell in bars, however it's not illegal to posses it.
Another Fun fact ; Todds fucking gorgeous
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VLOGSQUAD BEST MOMENTS FEBRUARY Best Moments of Toddy Smith 2 days ago   12:06

I know there's so many clips of Natalie but I love her ❤
Hope you like it 🤗