Game of Thrones From Oldest Jon Snow Descobrindo que é um Targaryen - Game 5 months ago   16:31

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Game of Thrones cast From Oldest to Youngest

In this video I will show you the actors of the hbo show: game of thrones, starting with the oldest moving down to the younger ones.

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Deeksha Rajpoot
Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) is closest to me in age♥️ and I love her!!!!!! Queen in the North!
Shireen barathean
Ramiro Garcia
Alys Karstark? Ned Umber?
Kathryn Zahm
Jeor Mormont looks like Tormund when he was young...

I don't know why I always compare the face of Yara Greyjoy to Amy of Big bang Theory.

And what happened to Gregor Clegane? Thought he was already 40.
Delia Ruta
Where is Rickon Stark??
wow 53 out of 59 are over 30
Ibrahim Omar
Lady of winterfell
Shadab Sheikh
Arya stark(Maisie Williams 15 april 1997) my favorite...
Mine is 24 april 1997
تقي بوغريرة
The youngest
Where is Rickon?
Robert Kennedy
When you’re called Jon Snow for 8 seasons but for some reason get called Aegon Targaryen for no reason
Don Kimaru
ben hawkey
Grey Worm looks a bit like Obama.
Stannis looks GOOD for his ago DAMN!
Raju Raju
Who else watched full video and didn't even notice nearest birthday🎂 of those celebrity to yours😂😂
Happy Birthday
Princess of thorn 😍
Markus Snow
Everyone in my house:
Illyrian pellazg
Briene was the most beautiful woman
John Snow
Muy bien. 🤙😎
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Jon Snow Descobrindo que é um Targaryen - Game Game of Thrones From Oldest 5 months ago   05:02

Nós sabemos que o Jon é um Targaryen e herdeiro do trono de ferro, mas como ele vai reagir quando ficar sabendo disso na oitava temporada de Game Of Thrones? Confira a previsão detalhada dessa cena tão esperada!

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