2001 Pepsi 400 - Dale Earnhardt Dale Earnhardt "The Day" 2 weeks ago   05:33

Probably one of the most emotional wins in NASCAR History, along with Steve Park's win at Rockingham and Kevin Harvick's win at Atlanta. This was the first Daytona Cup race after Earnhardt Sr.'s fatal crash, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins the race with his teammate, Michael Waltrip finishing 2nd. This video features the last 3 laps, Tony Eury Sr.'s interview, and the emotional celebration in the infield.

Credit goes to NASCAR and NBC.

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Dale Earnhardt "The Day" 2001 Pepsi 400 - Dale Earnhardt 2 weeks ago   08:50

Events leading up to -- and following the death of Dale Earnhardt Februral 18 2001.