2001 Pepsi 400 - Dale Earnhardt Dale Earnhardt "The Day" 3 months ago   05:33

Probably one of the most emotional wins in NASCAR History, along with Steve Park's win at Rockingham and Kevin Harvick's win at Atlanta. This was the first Daytona Cup race after Earnhardt Sr.'s fatal crash, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins the race with his teammate, Michael Waltrip finishing 2nd. This video features the last 3 laps, Tony Eury Sr.'s interview, and the emotional celebration in the infield.

Credit goes to NASCAR and NBC.

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I remember watching this moment with my pops we were screaming our heads off when Mikey passed up to get to behind Jr. Arguably one of the best if not the best feel good moments in NASCAR. Pops died this past weekend but I’m glad I was able to witness this moment with him.
Branden Rios
That is showing great sportsmanship!
The Anonymous AcclerDew
Hey, who's chopping onions in here?
We Miss you dale thank you for everything your life had for you and giving us an incredible son in racing we will never for get you dale
#3 Dale Earnhardt 1951-2001 RIP in nascar heaven in gods house and thank you god for keeping our legend safe for all eternity
The fact that Waltrip drove over there to celebrate with him and hug him made me tear up.
chad king
one of the best days in nascar
Ryan Muhs
You know that,s Dale Sr car,, it may be red and white,8,but that car is special, that's the EARNDTHART SPECIAL
MacK Korris
"white flag, and you got your teammate behind you" at 1:30 gave me goosebumps
Gilbert Millan
this is so great is almost from heaven!
Kresna The Roblox /Minecraft Gamer
5:15 is he just kiss him
Juan P. Duran
Emotional! And a great tribute to his father at a race track that his father dominated Daytona! #3
lisus hiristous
The 21 dislikes ....they have to be Hillary supporters..... really
tAmEz ZoDiAc
I miss DEI
Joshua Hicks
Man I'll never forget this. I was just a teenager but after the emotional rollercoaster of that year after dale died and 9/11 it will always be a hard year to forget.
Never gets old
Ashley B. Ashley
I would have LOVED to be in those stands to experience this, and I’m not even a nascar can.
I have the elite raced win of the july 7 01 daytona pepsi 400
Johnny Depth
I don’t give a shit about NASCAR, but I’ll be damned if those two guys standing on that car didn’t make me well up.
A fan could have drove that car and won. Bet the car never passed tech.
crazy how it was dale and waltrip again in 1st & 2nd place
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Dale Earnhardt "The Day" 2001 Pepsi 400 - Dale Earnhardt 3 months ago   08:50

Events leading up to -- and following the death of Dale Earnhardt Februral 18 2001.