Captain D's Definitive Guide to TRICK Amazing Water Trick DEBUNK 7 months ago   07:52

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Captain Disillusion makes an unauthorized landing and explores the genre of trick shot viral videos.

Throwing a Ball - Raw Footage:

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Dude Perfect channel:
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Jackson Roberts' Doctor Disenchantment video:

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Basketball by
Earth in Cycles by Adriano
MI-24 Gunship by Chris Kuhn

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D. Maria I
you're like Doug Rattman, from Portal, but real
Lucas Holman
Im really good at being annoying
0:34 I feel you. Why didn’t I find you earlier.
João Felipe
7:57 earth is flat
Jumps to Florida...
*one does not simply enter the realm of Florida man*
Mr Elkatook
watching this episode after the 2 part Back to the Future episodes 01:24 feels eerily like a BttF reference , where Marty runs confused down the estate from the skewed timeline
Bandito #25
Did I just watch a short film or a YouTube video Jesus Christ the editing is amazing
Black sweater, yellow JACKET, and black pants. In a court at like 1pm.

Damn, that must hurt while acting..
I like the information and I appreciate the effort of these vids but the humor is a huge miss. It seems like he’s catering to a younger audience like pre-teen or younger even.
Aqeev Sani
Up Next:Captain Disillusion Debunk
Remi gaillard?
Mystery Man
Im suprised that they didnt take you as a agent in M.I.B AGENT D
Ashnabell Smith
he is so funny but smart 😂🤓
Those Two Stupid Soldiers
*when your in the US but see a Soviet Helo*
Aww shit, they're coming for my freedom
The God Of Pepsi
i made this comment and liked and subscri bed usinng my peniss using a tuchscreen
That part at the end where he's flying through space is clearly fake
Why he do that to his face
Charles James
chari Muvilla
You should probably ask people to subscribe in the end of the video. It's not much but sometimes people *need* to be reminded
hamed tavakoli
Captain, I can't even begin to explain how thankful I am for all your hard work.
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Amazing Water Trick DEBUNK Captain D's Definitive Guide to TRICK 7 months ago   09:05

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