Captain D's Definitive Guide to TRICK Amazing Water Trick DEBUNK 5 months ago   07:52

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Captain Disillusion makes an unauthorized landing and explores the genre of trick shot viral videos.

Throwing a Ball - Raw Footage:

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Dude Perfect channel:
People Are Awesome channel:
Jackson Roberts' Doctor Disenchantment video:

CC-BY 3D assets used in this video:
Basketball by
Earth in Cycles by Adriano
MI-24 Gunship by Chris Kuhn

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Love AndPeace
Are Dude Perfect videos real? And how much have you been threatened by them?
Adam Akmal
Hey i've come here because of electroboom
Jay Chillz
why are the police after u
DJ Games
How’s the WIFI up there because last time I was in space it didn’t work at all
Dkx8rem gaming
Why dose this video have so many dislike, I love learning stuff like this :)
Spartan_1 Da Beast
2:34 PE basketball in a nutshell
Yoshi Kirby
Now this guys is a wanted criminal for.... Being good at youtube?
Next level Editing 🙏
Tony Babarino
This is among the very best channel. Captain D is outstanding with talent and jokes!
Just a guy that likes anime
I subed
4 million views .... >
Elliott Eng
The nfl video was supposed to look fake, that was the point. They were just experimenting with new software and actually said they used editing
young G4il
Russian cold war era heli in us army ? Try harder
The Dragonborn
trickshots are so 2012 its 2019 its all about no scopes
4:50 there's a big difference between your left and right leg 0_0
Wait, we don't care
Zak Lucero
I've watched this vid once in the past. I'm here again. :) 👌
M. DMTrip
In France, there is a Youtuber that plagiarize a lot of your videos, but with Dude Perfect he decided to start a drama and said that it was fake. Gosh I hate this kind of Youtubers
Gab Gamer649
He's an alien robot (and maybe half human)?
Who's Aiden
2:28 chowder from monster house playing basketball
Gustav Wilske
You’re really Cringe and annoying
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Amazing Water Trick DEBUNK Captain D's Definitive Guide to TRICK 5 months ago   09:05

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