Chelsea - Favorite Neighborhood in Manhattan New York City Neighborhood Tour 2 days ago   03:38

A walk in Chelsea, my favorite neighborhood in NYC.

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Robert Berthaut
The music is depressing.
Whenever I think 'Chelsea', I think Joanie Mitchell.  I want to visit NYC someday.  Seattle is my favorite city, but I can easily drive there, but New York, well I've never been to the east side of the country in my life.  It will be a great holiday, though.
Alejandro Tomé
1:15 yeah man
Rini Bajrami
Grew up here now I live in Hell’s Kitchen
Nelson Rivera
Chelsea section cool.
Helen Murphy
the cafe delish on w 23 st nyc off 6th ave nyc
Helen Murphy
cool area
Helen Murphy
99 cents store 6 7 ave w 24st nyc brand names
Helen Murphy
new london pharmacy
WOW !!! Ya gotta love how these diversity worshiping , Open Borders promoting , Trump hating , progressives seem to turn every "Nabe" they take over into the Whitest areas of the city ...................
Bre3zus Christ
That’s my neighborhood I miss it so much, I moved to Texas cause it was getting to expensive for me to live there but I hope one day to find my way back
Caro Wells
The neighborhood took its name from the old estate "Chelsea" owned by Clement Moore's family
Mishy Crawford
Can somebody tell me the best places to live in Manhattan?
Val Valyrian
so it seems no one has central heat/air with all the window units even in Chelsea? figure they would have nicer stuff, if one of those fell out on you it will kill you.
Helen Murphy
check out the malibu diner on w 23 st between 6 and 7 th ave and the famous dollar store on w 24 st nyc between 6th and 7th ave nyc.
Richard Turner
Why are there so many beautiful women in N.Y.C.?
Deanna Woody
Beautiful city
Where do you park your car?  I have a forest in back of my house in Indiana with cardinals, woodpeckers, finches and 7 other varieties of birds.  Our yard is large.  Our finished basement has a workshop.  We have a garage and a shed and plenty of space.  I have a music room upstairs.  And of course we have a huge park just 4 blocks away, with baseball at night.  And of course we have every kind of restaurant where I live.  Of course I would never wish to live in New York City.  Way too confining.  Of the most important is the fresh, clean air.
Sergio Del Pozo
Chelsea new york el barrio gay al lado de manhaatan
Jenny cheeks
Always been my dream to live in Manhattan. Chelsea is my most favorite neighborhood, but im not picky. Ill settle for any of them
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New York City Neighborhood Tour Chelsea - Favorite Neighborhood in Manhattan 2 days ago   02:14

Map tour showing the major neighborhoods in Manhattan.