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No No's In Germany | How Germany Has Changed Me (In A Positive Way) - At Up-Tube.com

NO NO's IN GERMANY HOW GERMANY HAS CHANGED ME (in a positive way) 2 days ago   07:16

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel!

Today's video is a few "don't do's" in Germany! Please remember these are just some humorous thoughts from my end!

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Love always,
Terri x

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karl loom
One more no no: As it may be common in some countries you try to avoid shitting in the street.
Da jeder Erwachsene das Recht hat gesiezt zu werden kannst du auch im Extremfall darauf vor Gericht klagen.

Because every person in Germany has the right of self-determination, which includes the proper forms of address, u can sue people for using the "Sie" to address u, or in extreme cases press charges for insult. dont try to say "du" to police.
Erol Ben
Whats the name of the song at the beginning. Something from Drake?
John Sluder
If your kind takes over the country of Germany and Europe will be destroyed
Fethry Duck
In Berlin traffic lights have no meaning for Pedestrians. If there is no traffic most people cross the Street. U are in Munich. :)
Adrian Gibbs
What kind of camera and video editing software do you use?
Vividly Kafi
do you have an IG?
Jael Berry
Links gehen, rechts stehen lol love it
most important thing, dont tell the truth :D
yacine aouimeur
du bist sehr toll GIRL! keep it up, danke shon!!
lauren rebecca
I was just wondering what level German language are you? Would you say you needed a high level of understanding of the language to enjoy your time there?
Nowrin Sultana
Hey sis
I like ur dimples 😍
Peer Hebing
Ich wundere mich ja immer, von welchem Deutschland die alle so reden ;)
Hier scheint das wichtigste No No zu fehlen: Bestell bloß keine Weißwurst im echten Deutschland. Das ist so als wenn du ein Alt-Bier in der Kölschkneipe bestellst. Das kann zu bösen Fleischwunden führen ;)
Lia Faunia
I am german and i am literally always late 😂
Muhammad Yasir
ich bin ledig?
ron blessed
ThisTheresia chick is hella hott
that vid is spot on! that's how we roll in germany. :-D

but i have to add, that the don't-cross-the-red-light-rule isn't that strictly enforced everywhere in germany. the 15 € fee might be (resp. very probably IS)all the same across the country, but the citizens are variably strict about breaking that particular rule. munich seems to be full of elderly people threatening the delinquent with words and walking sticks, but where i live (saxony) i very rarely hear someone commenting my jaywalking.
Michelle Williams
i am hearing a caribbean accent in there. i like☺
Kia Lindroos
not sure if they exist in the southern german regions as well, but there are very 'expansive' like 'working class' populations, like the 'blue collar socialists leaning' who will really give you an evil stare down if you use the formal "Sie". like they consider it elitist 'capitalist' and a form of indirect 'superiority', so when you engage with people from that type of mindset, they will get very hostile if you refer to them as "Sie" and not 'du'... it's kind of like a 'social renovation' that even strangers use 'du' with each other. something i myself cannot really get used to.
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HOW GERMANY HAS CHANGED ME (in a positive way) NO NO's IN GERMANY 2 days ago   09:46

Hi guys welcome to my channel!

I'm Antoinette a New Zealander living in Germany with my husband Rob and our two children Emilia (5) and Matteo (2)
This time 9 years ago I packed up my life in NZ and moved across the world to Germany.
In this video I talk about the ways living in Germany has changed me in a positive way.

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