I Created Popular Songs Using ALL Fortnite EVENTS so far! (From 3 months ago   10:38

I Created Popular Songs Using Music Blocks in Fortnite

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*I Created Songs in Fortnite using Music Blocks*
Like and Sub rn for 10yrs good luck x
Leah Dawatsare
I knew it was gods plan
gamer champ
Fucker bich why bad luck if I not subscribed if bad luck
Same pic
Shane Moore
Kiran Kaur
Gods plan
TSM_ Alhababi_Gamer_King
Campyzy is my best friend
Lina Zgugu - EIS Grade 4
I loved all but my favorites are the Marshmallows skin all Marshmallow skins!?
Elisha Thompson
Gods plan
Jael Garcia
It was gods plan
J jj
God's plan by drake
Laurena Rago
Im the one song
*Activating 1730 Noteblocks at once*
yeet teey
Make old town for roar
The cool color blue
Name of original song??
RaVaG3 Clan
Shek Wez
ワタシ ニホンジンダカラ ナニ イッテルカ ワカンナイネ イエア
TM Games
I am definitely gonna click that subscribe button
gio vargas
So I like your videos
Flippercape 393
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ALL Fortnite EVENTS so far! (From I Created Popular Songs Using 3 months ago   11:59

Let's say every single event was amazing even if you were disappointed sometimes.
All your LIKES, COMMENTS and SUBSCRIBES means me a lot.

▶Used song by
thinkin' of u | mixity remix
Inseguire (Mixity Remix)

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