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Fifth Harmony Vs Little Mix (With | Vocal Coach Reaction To Little - At Up-Tube.com

Fifth Harmony vs Little Mix (WITH Vocal Coach Reaction to Little 5 months ago   19:43

Clash Among Pop
The first Battle by Clash among Pop. We got girl power blowing our roof for this clash! We got two of the biggest girl groups of this decade! Fifth Harmony for the RED team and Little Mix for the BLUE team!

I hear a lot about these amazing groups and I know that they're reigning the music charts in this generation with some hardcore music.

So I decided to make this interesting match-up for the first clash of Clash Among Pop since I notice that they're being compared a LOT. So I hope you enjoy.

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rico villacarlos
Little mix is won because little mix is so awesome and amazing
Sayuri Cindy
No disrespect to 5H but I used to love 5th harmony but when they threw shade at camilla I didnt really like them any more......
And another reason they would be better as individual artist cause they dont really sing like a group

But I absolutley LOVE Little mix cause they fit in so perfectly with each other
They work so well as a group
And they dont throw shade at each other

Edit: 5H works better with camilla
Isabella Lanceley
little mix won wooh hoo
vee Ndinda
Little mix all the way ...
Jemima Fulton
I appreciate the fact that even though nobody really wanted fifth harmony to win you still put some of their best performances in there
Tilly Abbott
little mx
Lucas Gabriel
Little mix
Danii Luvv
No one is better, I think they are all unique but I prefer Little mix ❤️
محمد صديق محمد صلاح
Sakshi Shri
Little mix is the best
Study Rainbow
Fifth harmony is good, but little mix is another level
Study Rainbow
Stan little mix for good luck
Study Rainbow
Watching 5h performance, I kind of am glad they went to a hiatus, they are doing way better solo
Carolane alicia Gbopo
I like Fifty harmony but I prefer LM from day 1
slaapkamer YouTube
For sureeeeeeee LM
Irene Mangahas
Little mix is still the best by their blending voices is clearly they have a strong connection to each other. If you love little mix please leave some like. Thank you.
Soedabe Tatik
I think they’re both are good but fifth harmony is most of the time out of breath or you don’t hear them and little mix is also not always perfect but they know how to control their breaths
Sofia Sofyang
All the songs of LM is sooo legit in Philippines its so popular, while fifth harmony i only know one its work from home . and for me i'll always give this ❤👑 to LM coz their queens i luv their friendships we filipinos loved them ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ελενη Σταματιου
Little mix 💋💋😍😘🤗💋💋
Master Delacruz
I’m such a harmonizer I’m sorry I’ll have to go for fifth harmony even tho there not together..
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Vocal Coach Reaction to Little Fifth Harmony vs Little Mix (WITH 5 months ago   09:21

Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Little Mix's best real live vocals without autotune (they're incredible!!!)

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