9 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Impressed 10 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Shocked 9 months ago   07:10

Title: 9 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Impressed The World
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What a phenomenal player.. When did he impress you the most?
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Tom Cruise
The old time best football player is cristiano ronaldo
3GDude19 Fidget dab gang
Why am I watching football?
ใหม่ งาย
Angel Vazquez
Cristiano ronaldo/1,000,000,000 lionel messi/9,000,000,000
Bahand Plays
5:58 that is a friend from work
EvolutionX Clan
Give praise to the people that actually passed it to him
Ronaldo cries
*God sends a butterfly to comfort him*
Patrycja Sowa
Messi like cristiano Ronaldo kom
TKS Clan
Goalie sees christiano Ronaldo

Ah sh here we go again
Notiful Hasan
On number 6 it sounds like fifa
Andres Martinez
Why did he grab his soccer ⚽️ clet
3 Savages
lol the only think messi can do is dribble well, that's it. Ronaldo can do everything, that's why he's better
Eli Hernandez
On number 7 I thought he made 75 goals
1:35 who else saw the butterfly xD
jeelani mohammed
Whois the best Messi o Ronaldo like if it’s Ronaldo and comment Messi if it’s messi
Max Veldman
2:37 what a dick
- GameEnded -
It looks like its a video game
Western Australia With NSW
This is how many people hate soccer
👇 sorry but I don't like this sport
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10 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Shocked 9 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Impressed 9 months ago   10:39

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