5 Things You Should Never Do In A Brand 5 Awesome Car Life Hacks 8 months ago   09:03

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5 Things You Should Never Do In A Brand New Vehicle
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Proper break-in is important for the reliability, performance, and longevity of your vehicle. Part of the way you make sure your engine lasts is through how you drive your new car for those first thousand miles (check your owner's manual for the exact mileage). There are several things which you should avoid doing, including giving your vehicle full throttle, taking your engine to redline, using cruise control, traveling short distances, and towing. We'll talk about various different engine break-in procedures, used in the Nissan GT-R, Acura NSX, Chevrolet Corvette, and even a land-speed record car built by an FCA engineer as a hobby.

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Ricky Hand
1-5 don't go full throttle
you didnt mention not peeing on the seat. so i will keep doing it
Decay of Alberta
Sound good and all. But, when you get a new car from the dealership. They tend to sit on the lot for months. Well on the lot, they see a lot of test driving. So, it not uncommon to buy a new car with 500-1000kms. And you don’t know how it was driven on those test drives. This would make this video pointless. Unless you order a new vehicle from factory. Plus most brands test drive the vehicles on a track. And most case could be redline on the track. Which again makes this video pointless. I’m not surprised you didn’t mention this. Being that you leave out information on your videos. Maybe you should do more research before filming videos. Some brand manuals are wrong at times.
Charles Murry
Bump... Huh. I always figured the piston rings were softer so they wore down first and didn't damage the cylinder wall.
What I understood from this video: Do not take cylinder out of engine from brand-new car.
You never explained why cruise control is bad for a new engine?
Vedran Mandić
My life have sence right now 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Martini Gamer
I also never would give a brand new car max RPM, but JP Performance, an German Tuner was by Nissan in Japan, and there a Person who builds every Day 3 Engins sad, that the GTR is from the first mile ready for full throttle and RPM, and thats what i can‘t understand. They sad the Engine gets more than 70 Test Runs before it get‘s into a car, and there is will see in those Test Runs fulm Throttle and so one so if you buy your GTR, ist ready to give him Reline etc. But i woudn‘t do that, even if they say it‘s no Problem🤷🏽‍♂️
Javier Correa
Some of your videos are okay but this is full of bs, sorry but I can’t trust you anymore with topics that I don’t know about. Unsubbed.
Ardent Veritas
The hard break in more applies to non-ringed engines. When making sure that a ringless engine sleeve and piston mate together you need to make sure that the load and temps are at the performance point. If not the sleeve and/or the piston will not be at the proper expansion and can cause premature wear.
My $200 200,000 mile cars rarely exceed 3,000 rpm anyways saves gas
Jamiy James Games
MC garage did an interesting video on this .....
1:59 i have read a few different car models manuals now lol and none say anything about vehicle break-in driving :/ maybe this is old and not necassary anymore?
kawaii JP
5 Things You Should Never Do In A Brand New Car But You Still Do.
Christopher Sewell
Let’s jump the fence
Pixel Dust
much more to break-in than just engine...like that 500 mile oil change for Corvette dry sump cars. You can use cruise control, just change the set speeds frequently.
Christopher Hylton
I learn a lot from you
The worst part of a new car brake in is that the dealers let them idle for a long time, frequently start them and move them 100 feet and on top of that they get test driven with full throttle acceleration then with max brake application. If you can find one fresh off the truck its best. To wear in rings spend the first 200 miles accelerating moderately then going to 0 throttle then accelerating again gradually getting more aggressive with the acceleration.
Missing Patel
The way he keeps pulling out car parts outta nowhere never cease to amaze me!
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5 Awesome Car Life Hacks 5 Things You Should Never Do In A Brand 8 months ago   04:17

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