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China Threatens To Restrict Rare | How Americans Are Losers In The Us-China Trade - At Up-Tube.com

China threatens to restrict rare How Americans Are Losers In The US-China Trade 2 days ago   05:38

DW News
Another bone of contention emerged in the trade negotiations between the US and China. Beijing is has stepped up it's threats to stop the export of rare earths to the US. That means prices would rise and America's big tech and defense companies could be hit hard. Because Without Rare Earths, many products like smartphones, laptops, aircraft engines or guided missiles can not get made. Rare Earths are a group of 17 elements. Cerium is one of them, you find it in catalytic converters in cars. Bastnasite is used in the nuclear industry. If you want to make magnets, you need Neodymium. And Lanthanum is a glass-additive, used in lenses for precision optical equipment or lasers.
Rare earths are not as rare as the name suggests, but can be hard to mine. And if you look at production figures it's easy to see what it would mean for the tech industry around the world if China decided to throttle production, or would just be a bit selective about who it sells to. China is by far the biggest source of those rare elements. It supplies nearly 120,000 tonnes per year, three quarters of the global production. Australia comes a distant second with just 20,000 tonnes, followed by the US. The US used to be a big producer, but now digs only 15,000 tonnes out of the ground each year.
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Oh the threat. is that why apple, samsung and other high tech company leaving China? This is not about USA VS China. It's USA, USA allies vs China. Wake up! Venezuela was powerful country and it put into knee with in 5 years for governing as socialist. Joke all you want but don't cry when all invest leaves China and your housing markets pops.
ambresh biradar
correspondent was great
pinch mesh
The tariffs are destinet to cause a shift in the supply chain. That is already happening. China can keep everything they have. This is what they want, for they believe they are too big to fail. They are going to be good at it. Central control always does that.Armies are a good example. All communist countries do not allow people at the scene to run what an army does, so they make wrong decisions for all the wrong reasons. Personally, I don't care what China does. They can do whatever they want. The less trade with them, the better. US citizens and their families do need to return home. I wouldn't wait too long either.
pinch mesh
YodaGrammar l
I'm copying this from a video about Thucydides's Trap. Apparently this has been circulating on Chinese social media and then translated by somebody:

"When we were the sick man of East Asia, we were called the Yellow Peril.
When we were predicted to be the next superpower, we were branded as a major threat.

When we had closed market, you forcefully sold opium in our markets.
When we embraced free trade, you blamed us for taking away your jobs.

When our country was divided, you marched in your troops and wanted your fair share.
When we tried to put our broken country together, you called us militaristic.

When tried communism, you hated us for being communists.
When we embraced capitalism, you hated us for taking advantage of capitalist greed.

When we reached a billion people, you said we were destroying the planet.
When we tried population control, you said we abused human rights.

When we were poor, you treated us like second-class citizens of the world.
When we became rich and loaned you cash, you blamed us for your own national debts.

When we were building our industries, you call us polluters.
When we produced products and sold them to you, you blame us for global warming.

When we invest and trade with other countries, you say we exploit and support tyrannical regimes.
But when you go to war for oil, you called it liberation and freedom.

When we were working to develop a modern legal system, you say we are a country without law.
When we enforce law on dangerous people, you say our legal system can't be trusted and we violate human rights.

When we were technologically behind, you say we are stealing your Intellectual Property.
When we invest in research and overtake you, you say it's because we stole from you.

When we were silent and minding our internal businesses, you said we don't have free speech.
When we speak up on the world stage, you say we are trying to influence and dominate the world.

You say this is not you hating on us. Then exactly how do you want us to live?
Eduard Caupa
China should have done that already, after how the us-ameriCANT's handled them over one year!😉
chance for other countries to develop their own production of rare earth materials... China stops, others benefit...lol
Kiyoshi Ishihara
China did same thing in passed
To Japan
Results was disastrous
Japan developed alternative materials
Rare metal price plummeted and lost all demands. Lol 😂
Ryan VanGelder
Australia second 🇦🇺👍💪
Chris Miles
Jeez, Bölinger looks terrified video to video...
Chris Miles
Mao say dredge!
China will not enter into any war unless it's certain to win - China plans long term unlike Trump who is trying to win the next bogus election
vasu abd
Brazil and Thailand had too these rare mineral
Australia can mine more if demand goes up. It can export the material to America.
Today Tv
Go ahead China! It would be the end of you. You'd become lonely as Russia is.
striving lifexxx
trumps only doing this as he wants rid of media and technology to put into government hands
Tom Kelly
We have lots and lots here in Canada. It is found with Uranium. We have lots of uranium mines here
Ali Kanji
such a twisted reporting by Germans. Americans threaten to punish china if their leader doesn't comply to orders of meeting in Japan.
Victorio Flores
Is rare earth metal only produce by China? So China supporters should go spread the good word that their China is the best the world had. No wonder their idol country had been spreading its money around lending to corrupt totalitarian regime with sweet terms to corner the rare earth metals. A blog says China lose up to 20 trillion due to trade difficulties with TRUMP.
Mark Andrade
In other words America isn't the greatest "land" on earth. Hence why the U.S. military is all over the planet helping to steal other countries natural resources.
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How Americans Are Losers In The US-China Trade China threatens to restrict rare 2 days ago   06:58

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