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The London 2012 Olympic Games a tribute for the greatest athletes know to man. Re-live some of the most exciting and controversial moments of the London 2012 Olympic Games and watch the performances of the world's greatest athletes!
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you stole many clips from the original ... what a shame
Jay Jaxon
UKMSports This video is labelled LONDON 2012 Olympics so why does so much of the footage has "BEIJING 2008" in the background? There are athletes performing who weren't even at the LONDON games. The title and description for this video are not just misleading they're dead wrong.
1.35 timo boll German #1 of table tennis and one of the greatest table tennis of all time
1.35 timo boll German #1 of table tennis and one of the greatest table tennis of all time
faiz shafiq
UKMsport you are good in making video (y)
sttce _
Nice song!!!!!
Jorge Gonzalez
Hall of Fame - THE SCRIPT with will.i.am
Fergus Starken
the script is the the name of the band will i am is guest artist original song on the album *
john johno
@ 1:07-1:12, Felix Sanchez. 400mhurdle champion.,.
barca barchetta
how is called the song of the video???
barca barchetta
scusate come si chiama la canzone???
Kammy Tsui
Who is the gold winner at 1:07-1:12?
Awesome. Who's the kid at 2:16
Veronique Zonneveld
where is Epke Zondeland with gymnastics with the bars?
great video still believe this song should have been da official video for london 2012! even if i am irish and biased!
Miguel Chavez
what is this song called
Awesome video!
Great Video!!!! Thanks for sharing.
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