A Home Built to Be a Live-In Museum 2 months ago   04:54

Wall Street Journal
After their house burned down, David Montague and his wife decided to rebuild a home tailored to their needs, where they could display their art, access their books and entertain up to 100 people. David gives us a tour of their modern home in Fort Worth, Texas. Photo: Rob Alcaraz/The Wall Street Journal

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Christine K
Note to the homeowner, when you speak about your western art, you refer to the pieces by the artists' names. However, when you speak of your "African" art, it's just "tribal African art". At the very least, you could give the art pieces (and their creators) the respect they deserve, by mentioning the specific countries and cultures in the very vast African continent from which they emerged. Americans and this whole "Africa" thing is weird.
Tuneful MusiQ
Wow 🔥🔥🔥
Really nice interior design. it is great to have a home like this.
rk h
this home needs to be in the woods of wisconsin, not in the suburbs
That insurance check must have paid off
Skinga Gaming
The Capulets set their old home on fire
Only intellectuals will understand
Otex 11
The Capulets were clearly behind that house fire!
Art Tsai
i approve! but first I need a house or a loft 😂😂
Jaydeep Chug
Yes let's pretend the ending was not so awkward.
only in America. god bless USA
Ernest Lane
Wonderful architecture
Marius M
.🔥 . i hope the property is fireproof . 🔥.
MR George
An amazing house , my fav room is the library too . I like how passioned the guy and his “ can bore you to death” not frighten me at all.
So have a chance stop by the house next time . Wouldn’t mind hear more of his talkings .Guy is a good narrator .
What a peaceful and comfortable home. The art is amazing.
the art is really bad
Dion Prineas
lol, house burns down and they build a 3M dollar house on top XD not suss at all
Mujtaba Omar
Dang I want my house to be like this when i grow up, but 3 million dollars !! 😭😭
Michael Dexter Lipata
Best wall street Journal thank you thank you
Robin Paul
This library reminds me of my home library when I was a child. My elder brothers worked hard to build that library
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A Home Built to Be a Live-In Museum 2 months ago   06:18