Shane vs Logan Paul The CEO of a $200 Million Dollar Company 1 year ago   12:15

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Mandy McManus
I don't know much about any of them, but they all seem like pos. I feel like Shane is the worst out of them, because he uses the guise of caring in order to do his dirty work.
Jordan Newhouse
It's pretty sociopathic of Shane dawson to make that video about Logan and put it on the internet. They are both sociopaths
After Shane kicks Jake's ass in the fight:

"That was not a fight, that was a public execution"
I’ve been diagnosed with savage disorder 😢
Welshie Ranger
sociopaths have reduced or completely removed emotion, they can feel bonds slightly though not all and only with very few and specific people
a psychopath has little to no empathy, but is emotionally fueled, it's almost like the difference between being a narcissist and having a god complex
I think we can all agree that Shane and Jake might be setting us up
Sociopath, psychopath, and aspd are in same spectrum in the eyes of psychology, sociopath is mostly related to behaviors and psychopaths have issues with personality
Psychopaths are often more cold, lack empathy for almost anyone. They would have most of not all of the dsm5 characteristics for ASPD.
Sociopaths would generally be low to medium levels of ASPD symptoms.
Mae Luna
a psychologist is not even qualified to make a diagnosis, that is, if that girl is even a psychologist cause i mean this is a shane dawson video we're talking about lol xD
Stevie Beavy
Feel like shane is all over the place, videos are good quality but idk dident add up for me. Suprised his shirt neck wasent stretched out the whole documentary
Christopher Surnname
People are way to quick to throw the sociopath and psychopath terms around. It's pretty serious shit and approx 94% of psychopaths are in jail. The other ones that are not in jail will most likely be in jail soon.
Mickey McGowan
That guy doesnt understand plurals yet. I say yet because papa bear might help him! He tried once maybe a second attempt is needed?
Louise Viau
People need to leave mental health diagnoses to mental health professionals. There's no way a therapist would agree to do this sort of thing as this is unethical. Unfortunately in some states just about anyone can call themselves a "therapist" without any formal training. She could be a masseuse and call herself a "relaxation therapist". An accredited psychologist or psychiatrist would never have agreed to this video. It's all ridiculous. Plus, there's no way a psychologist would make a diagnosis by just spending a single day with a person just observing them. It takes a lot of hours, actual testing, and direct questioning to come to a proper diagnosis. I wouldn't take this video seriously at all. It smacks of publicity stunt and I'll bet that all parties involved were complicit in the making of this video. It's likely not worth watching as it is most likely bogus.
Ana Afnf
This is about Jake not Logan misleading title or actual mistake???
Rob Koch
You guys have great vids but you should fix your audio a little. The intro and outtro is way louder than the video's audio and I have to turn it up and down at the ends.
Ayshen Irfan
Now I could be wrong but my general understanding is that psychopaths are born that way, or it is a gene that they are born with that is triggered - often times through abuse of trauma. It is genetics. However a sociopath is not born with a gene that makes them that way and it is something that they have become for one reason or another.

As well as this, I have been in mental health services for most of my life due to a personality disorder. Due to this I’ve had my fair share of exposure to the world of mental health and the symptoms that comes with different disorders and illnesses. I, obviously, don’t know the Logan Paul is a sociopath but there is something clearly wrong with him. He displays signs of narcissistic and anti social personality disorder undeniably, and his total lack of care for anyone other than himself as well as abusive tendencies towards the people he is meant to be close to and his overall selfish, manic and nonchalant behaviour does suggest there is something about him that is unwell.

Lastly, I don’t see these same symptoms reflected in Jake. Jake just seems like a very dumb “child” essentially who has grown up around someone like Logan who he idolises and has learnt unhealthy behaviours from this. He seems to be essentially collateral damage of Logan’s behaviour that has stunted his social and emotional maturity.
Kenneth Dokus
That guy behind Logan Paul is one stupid looking mutt. I don't know why he just looks like a moron.
Emma Ritchie
the godpapa
Ethan's right. "sociopath" isn't really used clinically.
Jake and Logan fit the description of having a narcissistic personality disorder
they both jake and logan are sick ona head......
Lainey Bug
Did anyone else catch when he said he does stuff that lacks empathy to get views, when he specifically defended himself in the past saying he didn't do it for the views because he gets views?
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