"My Shortest Race" - an SK Racing film ROAD♣WARRIORS✔️ Irish.RoadRacing⚡️ ✅ +(Southern100, Isle 6 months ago   12:02

This is a chronicle of Sprint Cup drivers' earliest misfortunes, from first-lap pileups to mechanical meltdowns, the events that inexplicably send a contender packing before they even have a chance to break a sweat. As you'll see, these twists of fate have little regard for talent or experience, though surviving the early laps at certain venues can be an unmistakable challenge (e.g. Daytona, 'Dega and Dover).

All footage you see has been culled in its entirety from YouTube, and I graciously thank each and every contributor who has helped support and augment the online archive, granting millions of stock car racing fans the chance to relive and appreciate their beloved sport's history anew. Most all present-day Sprint Cup notables and a selection of drivers from past eras have thus been included, though film of some key names' early exits has not yet made it onto the web (Kurt Busch, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jarrett, to name a few). And being that this project is presented in a lighthearted spirit, certain clips have been omitted because of driver injury (Bobby Allison's career-ending crash at Pocono) or emotional gravity (Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s accident at Rockingham, on the first lap run after his father's tragic passing).

Enjoy the show!

(LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I own none of the content herein, and all networks and entities responsible for the footage and music have been given due credit at the end of the video.)

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ROAD♣WARRIORS✔️ Irish.RoadRacing⚡️ ✅ +(Southern100, Isle "My Shortest Race" - an SK Racing film 6 months ago   08:01

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