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Can You Speak Jamaican ? - (Accent Challenge) | Can You Speak Jamaican? Accent Challenge - At Up-Tube.com

Can You Speak Jamaican ? - (Accent Challenge) Can You Speak Jamaican? ACCENT CHALLENGE 9 months ago   06:02

Funny Francis Entertainment
RASTA FRANCIS travelled to Birmingham to see if anyone could give him the original Jamaican patwa.

RASTA FRANCIS was not impressed... LOL
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Comments 211 Comments

AFlicker TV
I love This. You Maid me laughf(In Jamaican Accent)
Nah come bk as no fish
Why americans find this funny? Please explain Im from Mexico
Daniel Fletcher
No fish no chi chi man seeeen
E. Anne
Cringe.... This ain't cutting it... 😂
Dude, this guy's laugh is something I needed and didn't even know it. Love this dude. (:
cinema eri
Pls! I needed help finding the name of the music played in the background Someone knows the name of the music
Young BoyChris
When mi dead mi wah fi reincarnate but mi nuh wah fi come back as no bloodclatt fish
Danielle Guy
No man dem nuh know how fi say it
Mahmoud Gishta
The cameraman too perfect 😂
Natasha Nicole
lol - Blouse and skirt! Ah wah deh box foot dem a talk bout?! No sah ~
Natasha Nicole
lololol dem nuh ready yet!
Ramon Singh
Boy, i don’t think i can lose my Jamaican accent.. nuh matter how much English mi know..
Rach kavungu
Loved it. Jamaican accent I love it. 😋😋😋😋
Usman Ali
Two black were the best but them two whit guys were to funny
sarah-lee lewis
2:12 deserved it
sarah-lee lewis
4:50 my whole mood lolzz
G Star
Rasta waa come back as fish🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shea P
The one kid looks like a young meek mill
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Can You Speak Jamaican? ACCENT CHALLENGE Can You Speak Jamaican ? - (Accent Challenge) 9 months ago   11:49

JTube back in Birmingham, asking the public if they can speak Jamaican or if they can do the Jamaican accent. For the winner, there's a price of £5

2050 Likes for a PART 2