Star Wars BATTLE of KAMINO! Amazing BOMBER PLANE Attack! 1 year ago   22:23

Let's Play Forts! Forts Battle of Kamino (Part 23) BEST Laser Mods (Star Wars Forts) CIS vs Clone Troopers Star Wars Mod

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Big thanks to Rage Alert for the map!

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About Forts: Forts is a physics-based RTS where foes design and build custom bases, arm them to the teeth and blast their opponent's creations to rubble.

The arms race intensifies with this new update that adds two new tech buildings which allow commanders access to six formidable new weapons, and a host of new and varied strategies. The Armoury unlocks Flak guns to clear the skies of enemy projectiles, and EMP rockets to power down enemy tech, both of which can be upgraded to the Shotgun and twin Rocket launcher, respectively. The classic Cannon is now found in the new Munitions Plant, where it is joined by it's little brother, the burst-firing 20mm Cannon. The Factory now produces two beam weapons, the classic Plasma Laser and the new Firebeam, great for penetrating fortifications to ignite them from within.

Tons of Guns comes complete with new AI forts bristling with new weapons for players to take on in Skirmish or Multiplayer, and a new Mod Selection feature, which allows several new game types, such as Fast Build, Rapid Fire and Zero Gravity. Also included are Truce mods, which provide a period of varying lengths in which players can build up their forts in peace, before they start blasting each other into oblivion. All this, and the previously released Steam Workshop integration, comes free to Forts owners and increases the fort building possibilities of the game. Enjoy!

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Travis Wanous
good job
Wow this is so inspiring!
He was just getting bombarded but he didn't loose hope and he turned the tables even after looking like he has no chance!!!
Barnabás Báronovics
Your shield consume 20 energy while your wind turbine (unupgraded) produce 13 energy at 30% efficiency.
I'm a bit late tough.
Luka xD
The Russo Brothers just looked at 20:04 and said: OH yeah , thats gonna be Thanos Army Ship!
drunk russian
when the enemy finds out baron has discovered rocket tec
enemy:he is sooo gonna lose
baron:suck it!!!
petite Kaewprasit
3:55 auto cannon
3psilon Officer
Baron! Play the Battle of Kamino!
Mana Man
nice comeback
emert smife
You need 20500 to buy missle
Connor Nesdale
Awesome and amazing
Cheetahboy 0

Marcus Epp
Fortnight monster vs mech
Owen Ridwan
Baron is a super Canon
Zach Smith
I love your videos I am I heard empire war is actually pretty cool to try it out
Ryan Russell
Hey baron when i first watched your videos i loved your forts videos
Baron please make battle of the wookie planet
Luke Susilo
man thesegame its cool i wanttodonlownd it in my computer if i can
Brayden Shoemaker
The only thing I did not like is that you changed the ship so much it barely looked the same
Ryan Revelle
yooo long battle but it was EPIC
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Amazing BOMBER PLANE Attack! Star Wars BATTLE of KAMINO! 1 year ago   14:43

Let's Play Attack On Toys! Green Army Men Plastic Toy Soldiers Battle SImulator - the Next Home Wars + TABS? (Attack On Toys Ep 2)

Download Attack On Toys:

About Attack on Toys:
Attack on Toys is a 3rd-person shooter mixed with combination of Real-time strategy as toy army soldiers. As the Green-Army defend your HQ at all cost from invasion of the Tan-Army. How long will you last?

Defend the HQ ⚑
Defeat all the Tan-Army
Key Features

3 Driveable Vehicles
4 Type of enemies, and portals
2 Type of tower
5 Weapons
1 Map
Destructible building & enemy
Third-person shooter with mix of Real-time strategy Map
★ Highly inspired by Army Men Series ★

Want to see more? Let me know!

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