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I Bought The First 10 Things Amazon | - At Up-Tube.com

I Bought The First 10 Things Amazon 2 days ago   24:00

10 Puzzles That Look Hard But Are Actually Easy! ➡ https://up-tube.com/upvideo/uD3fiyq0I70
10 Easy Science Tricks That'll Impress Your Friends! ➡ https://up-tube.com/upvideo/24qzP6t_lA0

Guys, we finally did it. Today we decided to give Amazon the power to choose what we buy via suggestion, instead of us making that decision as per usual. I know you're probably asking yourself, "but Matthias that's pretty dumb and you could end up wasting a lot of money omg what a mad lad" and yeah, you're right. But nothing is going to stop this man from giving the people what they want, me spending a lot of money uncontrollably on the first 10 things that Amazon suggested to me. What can I say, i'm a man of the people.

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Thumper J
2weeks have you tried amazon prime 2 day shipping lol
jake lane
Each of you think of what you want from Amazon, then buy one and see how long it takes to get to the other buying the suggested
Avery Bates
Mathias your the worst person alive
kelvin kock
the karambit is an knock off from the crkt provoke the real one costs around 200 dollars
Brett Rigby
the scooter probably goes faster when its got a child on it xD
Chemon Charles
I love how they think incognito doesn't know anything about them.
Ziv Grinfeld
I think that karambits are used for gutting stuffs
Logan Byrne
Those gold shoes would have made awesome with the IMan helmet in the background. We sell these each day with the 2 prong adapter. Forman mills, Philadelphia. And no cutting involved.
Logan Byrne
Here in other states, pushing the pin and extending the knife is a way around switch blades. i want one.
Logan Byrne
Matthias, what would a person need to do to work in your studio? I am East coast, but you videos and spin off are awesome.
Ryan Nitz
Incognito will keep session cookies and data for each individual browsing session. You have to clear them or open a new session to eliminate all recommendation bias. (Provided you don't sign in until checkout)
I Bought The First 10 Things Amazon Suggested To Me! (buys items from hes own browsing history) wait a second, that not how this works.
all knives scare you. you just lost your man card by saying that.
Eddie Mack
Literally I like was literally watching this video literally and literally like these guys just like literally shocked me and I'm just literally like actually literally omg did they seriously buy literally random stuff off Amazon? That is literally like the most epic, literally, thing like in the world! I'm just like omg. Literally like who literally does this literal stuff? Literally literal illiterates literally illustrate literally idiocy like literally...
the karambit was made for hunters to carve and skin animals.but idiotos spun it thought it was mlg 100👌
Oscar Villanueva
No gang affiliated color he graves yellow
* Buys two kids' toys*


Amazon: Hey you wanna buy some *knives* ??
Hugo Cinco
Index finger goes in the hole, thumb down to deploy blade, blade faces downward and out, punching style karambit use, for self defense.
Dilan Rajapaksha
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The karambit is believed to have originally been weaponized among the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra[2] where, according to folklore, it was inspired by the claws of tiger. As with most weapons of the region, it was originally an agricultural implement designed to rake roots, gather threshing and plant rice in most of island Southeast Asia. It's a smaller variant of the Southeast Asian sickles (Filipino panabas or karit; Indonesian celurit, arit, or sabit; and Malaysian sabit). As it was weaponised, the blade became more curved to maximise cutting potential. Through Indonesia's trade network and close contact with neighbouring countries, the karambit was eventually dispersed through what are now Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and the Philippines.[3][4]

Culturally the karambit was a subject of condescension in Java because of its history as a weapon of the agrarian peasantry, as opposed to the kesatria (warrior class) who were trained in the keraton or royal palace. European accounts tell that soldiers in Indonesia were armed with a kris at their waist or back and a spear in their hands, while the karambit was used as a last resort when the fighter's other weapons were lost in battle. Nevertheless, it was popular among women who would tie the weapon into their hair to be used in self-defense.[citation needed]. The renowned Bugis warriors of Sulawesi were famous for their embrace of the karambit. Today it is one of the main weapons of silat and is commonly used in Filipino martial arts as well.[5]

Superficially the karambit resembles the jambiyah but there is no connection. The jambiyah was always designed as a weapon and serves as a status marker, often made by skilled artisans and jewelers using precious stones and metals, whereas the karambit was and still remains an unadorned, modest farmer's implement and useful utility knife.[5]

A modern karambit, held in a hammer grip (left) and the other held traditionally (right).
The karambit is held with the blade pointing downward from the bottom of the fist, usually curving forwards however occasionally backwards. While it is primarily used in a slashing or hooking motion, karambit with a finger ring are also used in a punching motion hitting the opponent with the finger ring. Some karambit are designed to be used in a hammering motion. This flexibility of striking methods is what makes it useful in self-defense situations. The finger guard makes it difficult to disarm and allows the knife to be maneuvered in the fingers without losing one's grip.[5]

The short Filipino karambit has found some favor in the West because such proponents allege the biomechanics of the weapon allow for more powerful cutting strokes and painful "ripping" wounds, and because its usability is hypothesized as more intuitive, though there continues to be debate about this matter.

The technique of the karambit is also heavily focused on striking the weak points of the human body, such as the muscles from the knee and elbow. This is a very effective technique because of the curved blade. Because of this, the karambit is considered to be one of the deadliest melee weapons.[5]

Knife (Korambi) with Sheath MET 36.25.823ab 002june2014.jpg Knife (Korambi) with Sheath MET 36.25.869ab 005july2014.jpg
Knife (Korambi) with Sheath MET 36.25.873ab 002july2014.jpg
An 18th-19th century Malayan style Kerambit (left), an 18th-19th century Sulawesi style Kerambit (top) and a 16th-19th century Sumatran style Kerambit (bottom).
There are many regional variants of karambit. The length of the blade, for example, could vary from one village or blacksmith to another. Some have no finger guard and some feature two blades, one on each side of the handle. Traditional types include:

Modern forms
The modern Western interpretation of the karambit is far removed from the original agricultural tool. They may have folding blades, are finished to a high standard, made from expensive materials as opposed to being rudimentary and makeshift and are generally larger to accommodate larger hands.[7]

The West has recently found the karambit to be useful for self-defense, prepping and survival because, by design, they are difficult for an opponent to dislodge from the hand and this provides a combative advantage. Western versions also include one or more safety rings. Preppers also use the karambit for backpacking, camping, fishing, farming, gardening and hunting. Most of those produced in the West for use as weapons are based on the small Filipino variety, which features a short blade and index finger ring. Both fixed blade (generally double-edged) and folding (generally single-edged) karambit are produced in mass production knife factories and also by custom bladesmiths. A very similar weapon (possibly developed without connection to the Eastern variant) is found on the horn of Africa (mainly Ethiopia) where it is used for protection from hyenas together with the traditional Ethiopian stick (dulla). It is called mintcha in amharic and is seen both with and without a finger ring. It has a thicker blade neck than traditional karambits (about a centimeter thick) and is today most often made out of rebar, if still found on the market.[8]
Draven Ross
17:48 been playing borderlands 2, now I'm just wondering if Matthias has.
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I Bought The First 10 Things Amazon 2 days ago   01:23

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