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Mma Thug Life Crazest Moves | Что Он Творит?! Боец - At Up-Tube.com

MMA Thug Life Crazest moves ЧТО ОН ТВОРИТ?! Боец 5 months ago   11:34

MICHEL PEREIRA defeats KIM DAE-SUNG by TKO(Knee Kick) at 2R 1:02

Comments 937 Comments

the beginning is Disgusting and gay as fuck. i hope to never see that again
When U see spider man to many times
elbenado elbenado
I tought anything goes in ufc
Itachi gotskills777
the nigga with the man bun funny asl
This fool would get demolished in the UFC. I can guarantee he’s only doing this shit because he’s in Asia and people in Asia love this spectacle shit
Ian Lin
7:35 What you guys here for. Thank me later.
fakk u
The guy with the pony tail looks he's giving him a bj 😂😂
Elias Leyva
Edward Kelly
Most arrogant guy ever
samyi chawngthu
Our Asian Guy is very FAT & don't look FIT enough to Fight him... So SAD 😪 ...POOR Fighter / What a Poor Guy..... He should Atleast stay FIT & Watch many times his technique of fighting.....
oresti sadiku
lol imagine doing this sht in a streetfight everyone is gonna call you a balarina xD
Jamiun Salim
Not balanced
Aqui é tucumã paee kk
Orlando Neorsando
Coreano cahuamero vs eslatan ibrahimovic
J Peezy
Vega from street fighter....
ew......what a disgrace to the combat sport
Jeffery Schirm
That little piggy went to the market , got butchered.
Jerwin Castillo
Dont say come on when you haven't done nathing
Jerwin Castillo
So amazing HAHAHA i haven't seen that before
Jerwin Castillo
Wow amazing back flip
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ЧТО ОН ТВОРИТ?! Боец MMA Thug Life Crazest moves 5 months ago   04:51

ЧТО ОН ТВОРИТ?! Боец устроил настоящее безумие в бою / Fighter Michel Pereira shows сrazy capoera skills
Подпишись на канал спонсора показа https://goo.gl/pz6TmJ

Original video by ROAD FC

Понравился ролик, подпишись http://goo.gl/JxoIQR
Группа ВКонтакте https://vk.com/truegym
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