Guess Who's A Plastic Surgeon EATING ONLY ONE COLORED FOOD 2 weeks ago   10:02

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Guess Who's A Plastic Surgeon | Lineup | Cut

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Isam hiraka
Why is ilah the only straight person in cut... Im feeling rejected as a straight person in these vids...
Lar Family
Lol the vet cracked me up 😂
Zander Butterworth
The color difference
piggy pichu
5:00 "he looks like he works in an office"
*gets told he's a plastic surgeon*
"sEe i kNeW It!!"
Meaghan Kehoe
I bet we could guess who all their wives are
Faith Shank
A beard net?? They have to wear surgical masks..?
“short finger nails could be surgeon or lesbian”

me, a musician, crying
Jordan R
“You like to play tennis, ok. Pretty safe on the hands.” You’d think so 😂 however I have very messed up tendons now thanks to my tennis career..... be safe kids!
I feel so good cuz i guessed them all right
Kareem Turjman
2:52 he's wearing surgeon crocs.
isabella aviles
that guy that was 300 pound looks like James Charles frfr.
I Stan Too Many Kpop Groups
Does anyone know what the girl with the blue tops @ is 👀
ilah is fine as hell
Paige Alexandra
Mob accountant threw me.. 🤔 but the rest I got right
Gwendolyn Montemayor
Blue shirt girl is natural, tall, and gorgeous! Shes a classy beauty xoxo
That Alex guy is HOT AF😍😍🤪
llc lo
all i see is a bunch of potential sugar daddies ;)))))
Jani Pocket
Didn't anyone realize at least what two of the doctors' specialties were? I knew about one of the surgeons and the vet just because I've seen them in this channel before or in Hiho 😂😂😂
9:16 :)
Ilah is dressed like an utter slut, grow up plz u have a child and a husband bitch
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EATING ONLY ONE COLORED FOOD Guess Who's A Plastic Surgeon 2 weeks ago   07:44

This was surprisingly hard!! Can we get to 250k likes!? and comment which color you would eat for 24 hours!!
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