Guess Who's A Plastic Surgeon EATING ONLY ONE COLORED FOOD 6 months ago   10:02

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Guess Who's A Plastic Surgeon | Lineup | Cut

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6:54 I knew he must be a plastic surgeon from the way he hold the knife
That woman does NOT need a boob job. She is stunning as is.
Jesus, name of tits?
Water Bam Bam
0:57, can you drop the leg routine please
Tyrone E
I’m genuinely triggered by how that one dude held the scalpel
I'm a simple guy I see ilah I click 🖤
Sara Zarate
Loving these series!
Brianna Febus
Does anyone realize the plastic surgeons don’t move they hands around too much and hold them down. That’s how I knew.
Miss Arekson
6 out of 6. Well done me 😎
Renato Galusic
I want an Ilah in my life badly
The young guy is annoying. He has a bad attitude and think ehen he poop it doesn't stink. He lost 300 lbs and his personality, his niceness, he's just ugh. Don't ever being him back
Santosh Kumar
I liked that, when Ila does that dance, that was cute
Chiara Holland
They should so do a lineup of matching people to name
saira kilm
why do I ship this so much??????🤣
Potato Dog
Is it just me, or when the "lesbian" said, "Could be both", did it sound like Ellen DeGeneres?
Ilah can get it whenever 😍
Gary Morris
I always get so excited when I hear someone else say they play tennis. I don't know why, I'll never meet this guy!
The blue shirt girl is so gorgeous & has a nice outfit
Apurva Arora
Aila is such a good guesser. Love her ♥️♥️😍😍
Lindsey H
someone shoulda told that big guy to pull out his camel toe...
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EATING ONLY ONE COLORED FOOD Guess Who's A Plastic Surgeon 6 months ago   07:44

This was surprisingly hard!! Can we get to 250k likes!? and comment which color you would eat for 24 hours!!
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