EU blames disinformation campaigns for low voter India votes: millions head 2 months ago   06:11

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The EU has made a major push to boost voter turnout ahead of this year's parliamentary elections. Already stung by the Brexit referendum, the bloc faces growing Euro-skepticism coupled with concerns over online disinformation campaigns trying to confuse voters. Last year, the EU Commission launched a taskforce to step up its response to foreign, anti-EU content. Now, European Union institutions have poured enormous resources into "Get out the vote" campaigns. But critics say these efforts may be too little, too late.

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Dawn Cunningham
For a single farmer he has a lot of time on his hands
Andrew Thomas
Eu has schooled people well ..but it’s coming home to bite them big time ....down with the dictatorship
Fi Canning
Martin is super convincing. Smells funny? Reminds me of a nerdy school ground monitor :)
KL Rider
34 Kremlin cybertroopers watched this video.
Govert Combée
Would be nice if the EU had an information campaign, I mean, I'm Dutch and I can't find a central list of candidates to vote for...
Mar Cel
hah, ye I guess you need to find someone to blame, when no one gives a fuck about organisation with budget of 1% of GDP and no real power, when their national budgets are over 40% of GDP and actually matters. You want people in Europe to feel like "Europeans", how about starting with aligning their interests by centralizing budget, then creating a body to govern it, meaning create the actual European Union, not a trade club.
bobosonofkoko Suckerberg
What bull. What the MSM labels low interest is merely people disconnecting from the constant 1984 mind control tactics of the media and their big government bosses. The western world is pausing to consider what they've given up and how to go about regaining control of their individual freedom of thought and action.
The Kremlin doesn,t need to give EU voters reason to doubt thier leaders the EU leaders are doing that without external help
Shiv Pavaday
EU have just realised that their MEPs represent nation state opinion not policy. They've been running a racket for years with nation state people not really understanding the framework of the EU. The irony is that people are more informed now than ever and are casting a vote to enact change not to toe the line or maintain status quo. This after all is what democracy is about. Voting for change and voting again after a period to correct any mistakes that the people may have made in choosing leaders who remain stagnant or not fit for purpose. This is a concept EU is not used to, and actually by playing tough with UK, they may have opened a can of worms.

Mark my words, they will start to admit the error of their ways, start auditing MEPS, publish the accounts, to show transparency and to try and save a sinking ship, whilst trying to blame nation states for opinions they have a stake hold in creating
not today
West blames Russia so the EU gets more tax money to spend in elections... Good hoax and fraud profits
The MSM lies every day but their videos are never censored.
Leave Russia Alone. The people hate the elites NWO!
Dis Information = Main Stream Media in the EU, UK and USA - They can't believe no one wants the elites NWO so they blame Russia.
Howe Trinh
This news channel itself is a misinformation media
ruddy arrow
Here in the U.S. the digital media companies are restricting and abolishing true and factual content providers while promoting easily verifiable as lies content from a dying legacy media hungry for rage click revenue.
John v
same broken record! blame Ru for everything. I stained my white shirt with coffee - it's all Moscow's fault.
Honestly, I prefer RT, or Vesti or Democracy Now to DW.
thanks for this report, it just confirms that I'm not going subscribe or waist my time on DW videos
Helder Lopes
You only have to look at these youtube comments, usual no picture profiles with no content, consistently making anti-Europe comments. They are so easy to spot.
Robert Brown
They blame everyone but themselves, They're too thick to realise we want them gone .
First, Anti Russian and naive to suggest Trump won because of they;
Second, dangerous idea suggest US global surveillance network and internet control is inoffensive;
Third, fascistic plan to control and censor every opinion on the internet.
John Smythe
In who's opinion is the charge of disinformation valid?
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India votes: millions head EU blames disinformation campaigns for low voter 2 months ago   11:32

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