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J.k. Rowling Opens Up About | Jk Rowling Blocked Me On Twitter - At Up-Tube.com

J.K. Rowling Opens Up About JK ROWLING BLOCKED ME ON TWITTER 1 day ago   04:34

J.K. Rowling sits down with Matt Lauer to share how she feels about turning 50, saying: “You’ve got to celebrate every year you’re here in good health.”
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J.K. Rowling Opens Up About Turning 50 | TODAY

Comments 35 Comments

Bruce Wayne
Milf I want my
Magic wand inside her magical vagina.
Santa Claus
Legend. A truly beautiful infj.

From an avid admirer ESTP
Richie Rich
3:56 Did she check out his junk??
Shad Wilde
I created this animated film of her birth. https://up-tube.com/upvideo/rcm_OafrrhV
Dear Today, can you make your banner bigger, because I can still see some of the people in the video? #eatmyshorts
Yves M.
One of the most pleasant American interviewers I've ever listened to. He really cared. J. K. Rowling is as charming and genuine as in every interview she gives.
Kamilla Iqbal
love her charity work....
apple's lover
her boobs are so tall
Fa Jae
Why men arent asked about "being 50" 🙄🤔
She is so beautiful and talented!😍👏
Rodrigo Lopez Santos
What is it about Jk Rowling, she both moves and inspires us all so much! Just look at Hoda wiping up a small tear at the end of the interview (4:05) I bet lots of us felt exactly the same way.
Kyle J. Whitehead
It's such a shame that Harry Potter is still all she's known for. The Casual Vacancy was excellent yet most of her reader base will have rejected it because it's about real world issues and real world relationships and YA readers on the whole don't like that unless it revolves around teenage school nonsense. I hope a more discerning readership finds her because The Casual Vacancy is excellent. Her crime novels are good too. I hope would-be adult readers aren't put off by the sort of insufferable illiterate thirty year old exclusive YA readers who branded The Casual Vacancy as "Boring" because it was "about old people" (I legitimately heard some overgrown child say those things) because genuine talent can attract stupid people as much as Twilight did and that's what happened with Rowling. Unfortunately she is very under appreciated by the more "literary" readers and only appreciated by the false-spectacles twenty somethings for her kid's books, which is... bizarre.
I dreamt I met Dobby and he saved my life (RIP Dobby, you will always be in my heart)
Emely Rosenberg
J K, you'll still be hot at 120.
Emerald Radiance
How can you NOT love her
This was published on my mum's birthday
Yes, J K Rowling definetely made me love reading. But also my first serious frustration - I couldn`t find another series of children`s books, that I would enjoy as much as I enjoy Harry Potter.
Mike Roberts
What happened to her mouth?
Adriana lovely1290
If she does make a Nother book everything will change this will be so Big that will be crazy Harry Potter is my life I watch it over and over and never get tired she should make a Nother not right now but that will be crazy if she made another one I'm in there
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JK ROWLING BLOCKED ME ON TWITTER J.K. Rowling Opens Up About 1 day ago   08:40

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LMAO lord have mercy on jo rowling

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