What I Wish I Knew Before ARTIST TESTS INSTAGRAM ART HACKS!?! 2 days ago   04:32

In this video I share 5 things I wish I knew before I started painting. The tips in this video will help beginner artists, and advanced artists learn how to paint much better.

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Stay Creative!

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Japan Dreamer
Your so good frikin good at painting!
J m Art With Detail
Top video m8, some really nice work 😁👍
Kelly Random
Thanks for the tips!
They were so helpful!!
By the way, I love your channel!!
Patrick Read
Possibly your best work yet. That painting looks so dope!
Which tip was the most helpful to you?
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ARTIST TESTS INSTAGRAM ART HACKS!?! What I Wish I Knew Before 2 days ago   13:45

Today I tried out and tested some of the worst Instagram art hacks that I presumed wouldn't work...some of them actually did?!?! Which art hacks do you use, and have you found any on Instagram that work?

artist reacts to instagram bad art hacks testing trying

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