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Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to put down your phone? There are hidden psychological effects that smartphones are having on our brains. Studies show that smartphone users are developing serious problems, like real addictions, and losing the ability to focus. Mobile technology isn’t going anywhere, so we must become aware of these effects so we can better use technology- instead of letting it use us.

Jeff Butler holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of California Berkeley and has studied psychology for almost a decade. After working as a Software Engineer, Jeff turned his focused towards his true passion- psychology. He has started several companies since, and his most recent company Tek Life Mastery, helps professionals conquer tech distraction to get more done in less time. He speaks at various clubs, colleges, and corporations regarding tech distraction.

Aside from working on his companies, his primary aim in life is to show people how to live more fulfilling lives whether that’s from helping them find their purpose in life or inspiring them to new levels of achievement.

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chaz damato
We had our flip phone 25 years! Knew what was coming and refused to upgrade! Two phones with two different phone numbers with Verizon for $53.00 per month, 700 shared minutes, unlimited text, that is all we need, or want to use. Friends call us on the land line, or come visit, or forgetaboutit, we forgive you and we will outlive you!! :)
Danny Avila
His physicality is so unnatural. You can tell he practiced this a lot.
Societies are now infested with screen-zombies; they are a near majority on the streets of Tokyo in 2019.
Maine Individual
It was a week ago i tossed my smart phone. Have a flip with 350 minutes a month FREE actually doesn't cost me a thing. I'm ten times more focused and in the moment now then i was since i had a smart phone starting 2009. Love it!
Ric Rovey
Smartphones are bad for the developing brain in children. Steve Jobs wouldn't let his children one
Acutus Lux
Microwave technology is not a technology you want to play with...
Hailey Heather
can someone tell me what to look up or put the link for the news report of the mother loosing her son while using her phone? I am doing a debate on the negative impacts of cell phones. Please and thank you.
Mr Tungsten
Get off your phone now
Muhammad Isarai
Very good talk
I m a retailer and sell smartphone and tablet kids as young 8 years old getting reworded with gifts smartphones by their parent very sad but many people don't understand the danger involved
Who else is watching on their smartphone?
Matt Matt
i have not owned a phone in 2 years! i don't think i'll ever get another one!
Michael Farnolo
This was honestly one of the greatest talks Ive ever heard - especially because he spoke about our attention spans. I'm mad its only got 94,809 views - nobody wants to hear the truth lol its too difficult to face reality as it is
Christian Zepeda
Cell phone addiction is bad and all but by using a comparison among alcoholics in America and the survey taken in South Korea about child cell phone addicts, it does not make sense with such a high population difference.
Cameron Lloyd
1:10 you can see his phone in his pocket
7 B 😁😁😁
Zyro Dot ec
This video changed my vision of all of this. I'll change my behavior
Shane Gunn
I don't agree. Notifications are distractions, not 'dopamine hits.' To put bluntly, smartphones aren't the deceptive object; rather the English used to describe and exaggerate it in a propagandized way. The illusive use of words used by Jeff are used as I saw in a large, stretched, truth. Basically, the entire eleven minutes I spent watching this, I was wasting my time and was listening to a red herring. Sorry if some cannot dig shallowly enough to see it.
Adnan Qamar
I found it impossible to rid myself of my cell phone addiction. So, instead of using cell phone as an 'entertainment' and a device to distract me from doing from my work, I started to use it to study and work - as a tool that increases my productivity.
Bruno Villoria
thumbs up if you listened to this from a smartphone :)
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