Saying Goodbye to My Corvette... Ready 6 months ago   05:44

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After listing my Corvette Stingray for sale in my last video it has officially sold. As sad as I am to see this car go, I am absolutely pumped to be one step closer to ordering a C8 mid-engine Corvette soon!

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John Doe
The C7 rear looks better then the C8’s rear.
Nicolas Lamer
What is your full time job? I didn’t know you live in SC. I live up in NC
Conor Browne
I think the C8 is gonna be starting at $65,000
Whoever bought your car is one lucky person as it's a very well maintained vehicle.
How much did you sell the car for
David Noorzad
Did you end up getting your loan all covered for or did you loose money from depreciation?
Looking forward to your C8 videos!
Michael Kocevar
Go for it!!!
Keep making vids man. Always love your consumer-oriented content.
Richard H
Just purchase a new Z06 with the Z07 performance package.
Michael S
If the price was right, selling this early is fine. However, you have a long wait for the C8. And the first year will be rip-off time for the Dealers. And, I would never buy a first year of an all new car. So, you could be looking at 2+ years. Still and all, your decision and if you're happy with it, more credit to you. Good luck!
Paul Fairchild
Robert, you should do a video on the C7 test mule that was recently spotted. Is GM just having some fun and trying to keep us guessing, or was that a real C7 test mule? And what's your opinion on whether the C7 and C8 will be made alongside each other for a few years. A lot of folks believe it will be, others says no. I think if the C7 and C8 are made alongside each other, then the C8 could be priced north of $100K for the first few years. I hope I'm wrong. Would make for an interesting video.
In your honest opinion, im 18 years old and Im looking into buying a lightly used 6th gen 1ss. Should i wait until im out of college or should I go for it?
SuperSport WeSS
That’s going to make some good vids
mesho itti
good luck dude seems will be huge c8 if search on youtube c8 videos has a lot of views ppl very excited about it
Erek K
I think you are seriously underestimating how much the mid-engine car will cost. I also don't thing the mid-engine is the C8 corvette but a different model altogether. There are videos out there now of C7 looking cars in camouflaged getting tested, that is probably the real C8.
jayme penner
Bryce Bishop
We all know it is going to be mid engine and I like that fact. The thing that gets me is what they are going to put in it? Are they staying with the LT or going to a new engine? To me that is a deal breaker. Do you feel the same way? Or, what is your opinion on it?
1life To live
i was as thinking about getting the first allotment but i really want the Z06 version if i can swing it. also the base model will be in the 65-70k range, i dont know where people are getting 100k plus for the bas model. NO way!
Scott Peterson
Congratulations brother happy for you and this is the right decision following your dreams bro. GOD bless you In the name of Jesus Christ amen. Love the channel keep following your instincts, because you already know what to do its obvious and what ever car you get enjoy it, also thank you for helping all the future entrepreneurs. Please check Strad to see the new content he'll be bringing it's on now from here out... GOD bless America!
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