Dos and Don'ts of Sharing Photos of Your Everything Is Better With Doodles 2 months ago   04:10

Wall Street Journal
Unconsenting subjects, child predators and data collection should make any parent pause before posting photos to social media. WSJ's Joanna Stern created an animated children's book to explain. Photo: Dennis Fries for The Wall Street Journal.

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James Smith
But what do you tell to mums thinking child is her property and way to earn money? You tell her for years that her body is her property, she believes you and "sell" it through the internet. Now she is "selling" her childs body.
I am so proud to say that I never share any shit on social media, it's completely clean.
The Comeng Nerd
0:16 “Daddy Version Sold Seperatly” 😂
Thank you!!!
Just don't.
Kirubel Tafesse
plot twist that was her son that's what he looks like.
Francisco Balbuena Herrera
Good explanation for all .
ramya akhileshwar
Hi Joanna, I shared this video on a mommies community group. So many of them were facing this problem of relatives sharing her baby's pictures on social media..this video is very helpful.thanks for putting it out and very well made too.
Jedi Grand Master
Demonetize every single video that involves minor, not only this will remove the incentive for channel like this to exist, it'll also reduce the tik tok, meme, kids in the process of becoming internet thot videos flood.

The two key players in content involving minors are
1. Kids who thinks they're going to be the next big YouTuber, without any basic knowledge about Internet privacy and security, Tik Tok, Meme...etc What goes on the internet, stays on the internet, forever.
2. Parents who monetize their children through making "family friendly" videos, essentially child labor, kids should be doing kids stuff

Yes, innocent family friendly content with no ill intention, involving minor does exist, but they're on the minority. Truth be told, it's sickening when parents think it's okay to share videos of their children to the world, when they're at their most innocent and defenseless stage, also knowingly that predator does exist on the internet.
A friendly reminder from your local police department
Parents who post images of their kids should have their accounts private and only have family members and friends following that parents account
Hakhi Syaifullah
Thank you for this video, very useful.
Anderson Aaron
the good news is I born from 90s(no internet)
Mitchell Armstrong
I sure hope parents who vlog see this....
Pentium Penguin & Pigeon
It's dumb to share your own photos unless your a photographer or something. People are boring, and that is what they do.
Richie Gray
Charles Yeo
You would think that this is common sense
Dirty Slav
I will save you 4 minutes of your life. Don`t post pictures of children at all.
Billy Bentz
2:29 ok how Tf does bathtime fun sound inecent
Lets see some ID
This reminds me of a video from The Onion.
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Everything Is Better With Doodles Dos and Don'ts of Sharing Photos of Your 2 months ago   05:04

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