Dos and Don'ts of Sharing Photos of Your Everything Is Better With Doodles 2 days ago   04:10

Wall Street Journal
Unconsenting subjects, child predators and data collection should make any parent pause before posting photos to social media. WSJ's Joanna Stern created an animated children's book to explain. Photo: Dennis Fries for The Wall Street Journal.

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Anderson Aaron
the good news is I born from 90s(no internet)
Mitchell Armstrong
I sure hope parents who vlog see this....
Chris Sullivan
Here's a simple rule: Don't.
People's social media is as bad as having bumper stickers on the back of your car. People give up so much information that it's crazy. You're social media is a gold mine.
Pentium Penguin & Pigeon
It's dumb to share your own photos unless your a photographer or something. People are boring, and that is what they do.
Richie Gray
Charles Yeo
You would think that this is common sense
Dirty Slav
I will save you 4 minutes of your life. Don`t post pictures of children at all.
Billy Bentz
2:29 ok how Tf does bathtime fun sound inecent
Lets see some ID
This reminds me of a video from The Onion.
Shivam Gupta
That's why right to be forgotten should be implemented every where.
It’s all edited
I hate parents who upload photos of their kids.
Jeremiah Lim
Chinese cfds traders are 80% short sellers on German index. Its price oppressed. Price will rebound today and short sellers trying to cover their shorts.
Aravind Naick
'A predator, hacker or a tech company" - tech companies really do deserve this comparison.
I still don't get why parents post their children on social media obsessively. That always seems wrong to me.
In the age of deepfakes there'll be no point in cyber bullying anymore, noone would believe even if they are real photos.
Any parent who openly broadcasts their childs life for all to see on the web (if the child is under 16), should be investigated for child grooming.. this is about them not the child.... You dont know who is watching or stalking that child... and may lead to bullying and humiliation by school peers or stalking by female or male pedophiles
Excellent and informative !
Love u Johanna
Emma's Edition
Mark W
This should be mandatory for ALL new Parents to watch. They need to be aware of the consequences of posting Baby pictures online.
Carmen Alvarez
thank you for your video!
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Everything Is Better With Doodles Dos and Don'ts of Sharing Photos of Your 2 days ago   05:04

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