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This compilation includes Frozen 2, Aladdin, Toy Story 4, The Lion King, Artemis Fowl and Dumbo.

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Rachel Vasquez
I'm very disappointed with Aladdin i dont even wanna see it in so mad there gna ruin it 😢
Rachel Vasquez
Why did I get so emotional with lion king ugh 😢
makiiiya x3
This comes out my birthday month 💙👏🏼!
Anthony Romero
Who read the book Artemis fowl
TheDegu Guru
Do I hate the movie Frozen?
Can you bet you sweet ass imma go see Frozen 2?
Also yes.
Gabe PL
I'm becoming less interested in movies of the future thanks to so many sequels, prequels, remakes and reboots
rose plays
Frozen 2 is cool!
I would definetly watch it
And elsa running on water and anna killing the cameraman is my favorite part...😂😂😂
tO InFiNiTy AnD yOuR mOm
shana blaze
Lets it go lets it go from this nightmare
Fatin Farha
Cant believe i saw the trailers with tears.. Brings back so much childhood memories especially the lion king
Derrek Dickerson
Dumbo was a complete bomb, so much so that I walked nearly 1 hour into the film.
Lacie Coles
Elsa wanted to fight the ocean with her powers to find and save her mom and dad!
Jehnny Brisa Guzman Colqui
No entiendo d q se trata
Khaizer Perigrine
Frozen is not just a typical disney princess story now. It is pack with action and good thing they quit love story with a prince who will help a hopeless princess or vv. Im telling you, Elsa and Moana break the typical disney princess character - More strong and disney advocates women power here which is a good thing. Waiting for these up coming movies. 💗
Samantha Rose Vanzuela
i like anna's hairstyle...i hope she has powers
Samantha Rose Vanzuela
after like a million years i waited for this to happen
Indri Mawarni Putri
1. I want to watch Dumbo movies..😢😭 because of this movie contain many lessons about how we should treat animals as they should, releasing them into the wild or their habitat, doesn't employ as an interesting to seeing (circus) and educate us to more love animals and can live side by side without anyone being harmed.💕
2. the Lion King and
3. Aladdin
Stacey Exo Lover
Omg lol 3:47 to infinity and your mom lol
To insanity and a blond

You don’t know nothing about science omg rotfl 😂💥💥🤭🤭🤭😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Nikhil Nikhil Sharma
i am not enstrted
Paula Rosas
Im down for toy story 4
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