5 things I HATE - 2018 Chevy 5 things I HATE about my 2018 2 months ago   07:06

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My 2018 LT wipers go twice as fast stock. Just turn the handle all the way forward
Smooth Shifter
Had a sales rep tell me videos are illegal in the front. That's why they won't sell them like that from the factory.
Ford wipers go so fast even on low 😂
Groundhogs are for Gingers
Your complaints are dumb.
William V.
What the difference between LT and LTZ?
What rims are them
Roger Olmo
Omg I was dying with the different hatter voices .😂😂😂.Love your truck keep up the great work!👍👍👍
Doctor Moisture
im new to the chevy world, but my big complaint is the onstar subscription that the dealer oversold me. I didnt pay for nothing, i had its 1 month subscription and thats it. But gee it'd be nice not to have to use my phone for navigation, etc.
Robert Larson
I highly recommend you use rain X windshield wiper fluid. It works great.
jose bueno
I have an 18 Silverado LTZ and have the absolute same complaints! If you ever find out how you can change the back ground please post a video!
Mathew Salas
Is your truck leveled out & did you take out the lift block in the back ?
Lack of a rear window auto-up is a safety feature so you don't pinch anyone's fingers/arms of those riding in the back seat
Paco B
Definitely nice looking truck I think he went all bad with the exhaust system other Than That you made the truck your own with what you like I’ve been shopping for trucks can’t make up my mind yet watching videos like yours on Chevy and all the rest of the name brands out there
Marc Aliventi Aliventi
A friend of mine bought a f150 one huge complaint is don't forget to remove the radio antenna, his wife took it to a car wash left the antenna on and the wash rack caught the antenna and pulled the fender off
Todd Brown
Yo that infotainment system is behind a few years dang chevy . 😂
James McBride
Who in the right mine would like a handle on the drivers side? Maybe you need a handy cap wheel chair ramp to get in the truck. The truck is a 4x4 with over size tires.
James McBride
Hey man I like your truck! You should look at the other brands that really have issues with the product. Not being a winner about b/s
Robert Johnson
Guys you suck go buy a ford if you dont like the Chevy
Dom Dom
6:42 👍👍
J time
Get a new hat and shave you baby, wahhhhhhh
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5 things I HATE about my 2018 5 things I HATE - 2018 Chevy 2 months ago   06:54

Listing off the 5 things that I dislike about my 2018 Chevy Silverado... PLEASE don't take me too seriously, this is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes!!!
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