How the New Jersey Nets wasted a prime Gordon Ramsay Cooks Buffalo 2 weeks ago   14:30

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In the mid-2000s, the NBA's Western Conference faltered a bit, allowing for the Eastern Conference to swoop in and win a couple championships. Heading into that mini era, anyone would have picked the New Jersey Nets to snatch at least one of those trophies. But instead of seizing the throne, the Nets followed back-to-back Finals visits with disaster: heartbreaking playoff defeats, payroll cuts, injuries, bad luck, and an eventual departure for Brooklyn.

This is how the New Jersey Nets collapsed.


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Elijah Henry
I dont know what it is about this channel, but I like it.
Chaos Li
I can't wait to see one of these videos about the KD-Westbrook era OKC Thunder!
You did a very good job on this, both on the analytical side and on the technical side.
Carlo D
This vid deserves a like because of the GOAT, the White Mamba :D
James Matthews
Could you stop with the political comments. It seems like every SB episode has at least one. I just want to hear sports on a sports video.
The Pistons collapse after 1991, the Sacramento Kings’ collapse after 2002, and the Suns’ collapse after 2010 are all good ones
I’m a Spurs fan but wow imagine Parker, Kidd, Ginobili, and Duncan all together. They would’ve won more than 5 rings
Michael Aggison
#RedMamba sighting
Michael Aggison
Kidd would've pulled a KD and been called a snake for the rest of his career.
I remember everything
El Hajj Malik El
Even though I'm not a fan of theirs, I do miss the New Jersey Nets. Screw all this Brooklyn crap. Hell, I miss the old NBA where you had multiple good teams with superstars and just teams that were built good without a superstar, like the 2004 Detroit Pistons and 2005 San Antonio Spurs. Now everything is all superteams and drama. Watching the NBA today is like watching the WWE.
Gabriel Kamkar
So he almost pulled a KD?
Jonathan Serrano
You should do the MJ bulls and the Derrick rose Bulls
Keys Collector
The Nets were overrated and performed better because of the very weak Eastern Conference during their run.
You guys should do a Collapse video on the Anaheim Ducks.
I personally miss the New Jersey Nets. Although Brooklyn is right on the border of New Jersey, it's still in New York and the state of New Jersey deserves their OWN team.
The Spurs had prime Duncan and the Lakers had prime Shaq, its actually quite simple
Xavier Hidalgo
2003 Florida Marlins
those early 2000s nets were great but can't see them ever getting past who ever came outta west
Big H
I live in new York and did not know what kind of mess the Nets were.
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Gordon Ramsay Cooks Buffalo How the New Jersey Nets wasted a prime 2 weeks ago   11:33

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