How the New Jersey Nets wasted a prime Gordon Ramsay Cooks Buffalo 3 months ago   14:30

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In the mid-2000s, the NBA's Western Conference faltered a bit, allowing for the Eastern Conference to swoop in and win a couple championships. Heading into that mini era, anyone would have picked the New Jersey Nets to snatch at least one of those trophies. But instead of seizing the throne, the Nets followed back-to-back Finals visits with disaster: heartbreaking playoff defeats, payroll cuts, injuries, bad luck, and an eventual departure for Brooklyn.

This is how the New Jersey Nets collapsed.


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Dave Kirst
RON MERCER!!!!!!!!
Randy Gan
“This kids team was getting pretty good.” No there was no team, only lebron.
Tom Salvato
Collapse is such an awesome series. Very interesting how teams with so much promise fall apart before even reaching their peak
one question: what's the timeline based on? Is it arbitrary ups and downs? I don't get it...
Fernando Carrazzoni
I see no comments on White Mamba's heroics.
Dwayne Henry
Watching this ruined my mood... Hard times being a Nets fan the past 30 years...
Alyssa Biddwell
Kick in the door waving the 44
Jonathan Chase
I watched all 82 games every season and this is a very good summation of what happened.
Eric Lock
This video starts under the premise that the Nets ever stood a chance against any of the west teams, which they did not. Getting to the finals was as good as it was ever going to get for them.
Nick Esquer
Please do a Collapse on the Phoenix Suns.
Lakers fan
I was one of the guys who thought they would be lethal when they got Vince Carter for nothing. Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson on one team looked amazing. But they were a massive disappointment.
Han D
"All those Nets had to do was" dethrone Kobe & Shaq, and then beat 2-time reigning MVP Tim Duncan. NBD
Ali Durrani
I respect this video alot. As someone who grew up in New Jersey all my life, Jason Kidd single-handedly took the Nets to the finals twice. Against the Spurs, it was like no one was even paying attention what Kidd and the Nets were doing. One of the greatest PGs of all time
Lynn Gatrell
Do an episode about the Utah Jazz during their Stockton-to-Malone hay days. I thought for sure they would win the Finals with those two amazing players and the great supporting players they had.
Eric Collins
Should've stayed in north Jersey
Hipster Eagle
2:00 a kid named Jared 😂🤣
Kevin Roy Nucum
Scalabrine played in this game coming off a torn achilles, which happened 3 days before this game.
Chordstruck Pony
Positive note, they made the playoffs again with DLo leading the way.
Simply put, Kidd couldn't shoot the medium range jumper or the 3
Great video buuuuuttttttttt..... their is too much buuuuuutttttt transitions.
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Gordon Ramsay Cooks Buffalo How the New Jersey Nets wasted a prime 3 months ago   11:33

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