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Thales's Theorem | What Does Earth Look - At Up-Tube.com

Thales's Theorem What Does Earth Look 9 months ago   23:50


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Wask (strange objects like the short-sided ruler): https://waskstudio.com

Thales's Theorem on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thales%27s_theorem

Thales's Theorem is a special case of the inscribed angle theorem: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inscribed_angle

"axiom" vs "postulate" vs "theorem": https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/7717/difference-between-axioms-theorems-postulates-corollaries-and-hypotheses

The axioms of Euclidean plane geometry: http://www.math.brown.edu/~banchoff/Beyond3d/chapter9/section01.html

sum of internal angles in a triangle:


parallel theorems: https://mathbitsnotebook.com/Geometry/ParallelPerp/PPverify.html

more circle theorems: https://www.mathsisfun.com/geometry/circle-theorems.html

angles opposite equal sides in a triangle are equal: https://gradestack.com/CBSE-Class-9th-Complete/Triangles/Angles-Opposite-to-Equal/14901-2953-3986-study-wtw


Hosted by
Michael Stevens

Edited by
Hannah Canetti
instagram: @hannaynaycanaynay

VFX by
Eric Langlay

Music by Jake Chudnow and from AudioNetwork


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Hao Ran Pang
Michael: "You will need one comp--"
Viewers: ...
Michael: "I'm sorry this is a family channel, a compBUTT."
Me: "I think you made it worse"
My parents:" Outstanding move"
chris thompson
I never knew this had a name! I discovered this during GCSE maths - it annoyed my maths teacher.
Deep Fried Goat Testicles
ok now you're just saying cumbutt
If this was how geometry was taught, not just the facts, but an intuitive lesson on why the facts themselves exist, I think a lot more people would pay attention.
Pickle Pickleson
is it rare for me to say that ive watched vsauce' videos way to oant times
Hotdog Man

vsauce announces different things don’t matter

thanks michael I will eliminate the outcasts
Water Sheep
It's actually impossible to create parrell lines because nothing could be absolutely straight it can still meet with the other line but it just won't be shown on the piece of paper
spring bonnie
Is there anyone out there who doesn't like making circles * rasies hand *
Lyrics . com
Why didnt you just measue the diameter and half it th ofind the centre instead of drawing it twice ?
furkan ünsal
I'm a computer science student and have a calculus exam tomorrow. it looks like I gotta watch a ton to catch up the theorems in m my class. but joke aside this is a great video that I'm so sad I couldn't watch these when I was a child.
Upscale Thread
This sums up literally everything I learned in Geometry
18:23 4 y/o when they first see their willy
Nam Nguyễn
I found it crazy that I was taught about everything Michael talked about in this video in 7th grade (maybe 8 or 9 I'm not really sure). And I thought that everything was really obvious but then he explained everything in such detail and I really appreciate that. Also I'm pretty sure this video is not made only for kids.
Colonel Shithead
My dude is being so family friendly he censored compass and is still getting demonitized. YouTube broke
literally what
this entire video is just a high school geometry class, and i’m here for it
Fe Simco
Cumbutt seems grosser
Thales Donizetti
You're welcome.
Halfway the video you don't know what he was proving in the first place
THIS MAN kept his joke of combutt for at least 19:30 seconds. tf I love you
where did u get those sharpie colors damn they're shrexy
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What Does Earth Look Thales's Theorem 9 months ago   10:48

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