Shrek Retold Hotline Miami 1 Story Summary 3 months ago   1:30:06

We got over 200 people to remake Shrek. This is it.

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new patreon, get in here
Holy shit they actually got Chris Chan to narrate scene 23
Fan de DHMIS
Case Castaneda
Doing god's work right here
Roweman 9
This is better than the original :D
Bagel Tomato
41:21 reminds me of Monty Python!
xcute animegirl
ah d dbxjhf shhdhs h
27:34 donkey isn't a female you dumbass feminists
Francis Wells Films
Emperor Chucklenuts
My nigga CWC was in this? Jesus fuck I thought he'd be too busy with his sonichu shit
Random Dude
8:50 Donkey wearing a diaper just is not right.
Trevor Gunderson
Shrek what are you doing
Oh Yeah Yeah
Davis Railey
o n w a r d t o s h r e k 2
Waiting for the same about the second part :-)
XbloX TV
XbloX TV
I like ir cuz andrei animated this too and the fat guy from the evil clown
Wait wait wait is that Gibby???
El Pablo
People time and effort on this shit
/fit/ is dead
That chris chan pary was fucking amazing
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Hotline Miami 1 Story Summary Shrek Retold 3 months ago   19:22

Hotline Miami's story is told from the perspective of an unreliable narrator, so it's difficult to discern fact from fiction. This video summarizes the events in Hotline Miami to hopefully make the events of the game clearer.

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