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The 10 Best Goals From Dreamhack | Reach The Top To Win! (Fortnite Boardgame) - At Up-Tube.com

The 10 Best Goals From Dreamhack Reach The TOP To WIN! (Fortnite Boardgame) 3 months ago   10:17

This past Sunday Cloud 9 won another Dreamhack over TSM. These were some of the best moments and goals from that tournament

Watch the full tournament here!

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Comments 111 Comments

yukeos ‘s goal was jknap’s from last dreamhack
last play looked like a 3 man weave in basketball lmao
Pete 21
If you wanna see those pass goals look Jzr old Jhzer 😋😋
That part from rizzo's stream. I watched that live lmao
Kleiner sonnst Calvin :P
When C9 got scored at the end of the game i think it was on purpose
El Brujo
Ok... Im a fucking noob then
jordan sanders
I like how everyone who scored a cool shot on c9 still didn't move onto grand finals 😂
jordan sanders
1:06 tHanK mE LaTer
Crazy Show
Who won dream hack
StOnEdDiSaStEr on Xbox
Hey come over to my channel and check out my vids from rocket league.
Just some recordings from my xbox, just tell me what you think of how I play if you like 😁
Thanks on those who do 🙋🏼‍♂️
Blitz the First
Car decal on thumbnail?
hhh Fff
Fail top 10 .... and stop talking just put the goals.
about the delayed flick : I think Fairy did a nasty one to GarrettG at DH Leipzig
Nick Salter
I can’t go beck I am in cally
Eddy Craft
I am convinced 90% of goals aren't done deliberately. Most are accidentally scored.
John Abbatiello
Yukeo’s triple was crazy
Rqiny -
I really hate these comments about fluump not making original content or about him stretching it to 10 mins. Atleast leave some constructive criticism..
Nicholas Mercer
Just like squishy on his YT, lol their team barley reacted to Torment off the ceiling
LHC Boys
whenver i see the team "icon" am i the only one who reads it in dunkey's voice like "IKAAN"
Adam Birns
You gonna be there on Sunday Fluump? I’ll only be at the final day.
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