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Jacqueline Buban
Noobmaster69 is actually Loki
Ed Raposo: Direita? Vou Ver!
Oh god, not another comedy, please...
No, the real question for me: To where did Taiki put his gum at 2:40? :DD
David Smith
Jay Boyer
I cant wait to see jane return
Not a hater but a Lady Thor is pretty weird, but im also bored out of my mind with MCU's Thor. besides Natalie Portman is a goddess so lets do it.
Siddhart Rabisunker
This entire interview is cringe
Sara H
Natalie Portman didnt want anything to do w the mcu after The Dark World, and now after Ragnork and Endgame's success she suddenly appeared. Coincidence? I dont think so.
The A-force
Even though Natalie Portman was seen in Endgame I sometimes forget she was ever a character, Jane is just so.........blank
Christine Colley
Not sure I've ever seen a more awkward panel.
Arthur Morgan
I can't be the only one who thinks that that big ass hammer looks so wrong with the petite small sized Natalie Portman. Nothing against Natalie Portman or anything but it just looks off
Everyone: women Thor

Me: Tessa "the love I feel for him, gives me thunder all over" Chris "the thunder I feel-" 😂
The Goddess Of Wisdom
1:30 I disagree, Loki’s better
J Lei
I'm glad to see Natalie back. I wonder why she decided to do this. I mean she was really angry for Patty Jenkins replacement.
Tales Eternia
nothing ruins the excitement like a muted video
Thor better still be fat. It would be hilarious.
I quit watching because of this shit
Worse movie
SuDan ChhTry
If janefoster bacame Thor,i will leave to watch MCU movies 😠😏

Chris Hemsworth is real Thor ❣️😍
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Thor 4 Love And Thunder: Everything THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER | 2019 1 day ago   10:11

This Is What Will Happen In Marvel's Thor: Love And Thunder in the MCU Phase Four

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Marvel Studios has officially announced at this weekend’s San Diego Comic—Con that a fourth Thor movie will be happening and it’ll be called Thor: Love and Thunder. Taika Waititi will return to write and direct, following the success of Thor: Ragnarok, but that wasn’t a big surprise, considering the fan reaction the third Thor movie got.
The big surprise in Hall H was the announcement that Natalie Portman will be coming back as Jane Foster. Not only that, but she’ll be getting her own magical hammer, becoming the mighty Thor.
Another bit of exciting news came from Tessa Thompson, as she revealed that Valkyrie, the king of Asgard, will be searching for a queen, which is an official confirmation that Valkyrie is indeed the first LGBT hero in the MCU.

With all of these major announcements, one has to wonder what the story of Thor: Love and Thunder will involve and what new characters we’ll see in the movie. For a long time, fans have been hoping to see characters like Beta Ray Bill and Enchantress make an appearance in the Thor trilogy, but they were never used. Hopefully, Thor 4 will finally bring those characters and some other fan favorites to the MCU.

Since Thor: Love and Thunder will be coming out in 2021 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 currently doesn’t even have a release date, it’s possible that the ending of Avengers: Endgame isn’t going to lead to a Thor and Guardians team up. So, the question is, what’s Thor: Love and Thunder going to be about.


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