Jamaica classic commercial 1978 SOME MAN WICKED LISTEN HER STORY 3 months ago   01:00

commercial classics 1975 - 1985
"Come back to Jamaica". Remember the song that John Lennon sang called "Happy christmas"..

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Jacob Obadiah
Damn...Nia Long is hella old😂
Don Riller
This advert is pathetic.
Tyrone Augustine
I remember that!!! This bring back memories!
Yep...grew up watching this on tv in the late 70's...at this time people would travel to places like Acapulco, Mexico to vacation.....this is from another world....things are soooo different now...
Robert Lee
"And bring an automatic weapon" - Robin Williams
Timothy Black
That's when Jamaica used to be Jamaica now the Jamaican government is a danm disgrace they all need to go to prison where they belong 💔 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢
Elliot Thompson
Wow look at Dennis Brown's dad at the end
I rememba this one
Infinite Sky
The guy in the white hat gave off some very Uncle Remus vibes, Jamaican Uncle Remus!
Deguir Cecil
come back ...........baby come back !!!!!!!!!

eddy the grant !!!!!!!

peace jamaica
Clayon Buzz
@fishodorvagina -they did a good job in convincing you in this add that's its a bunch of obedient slaves in Jamaica right
Jazzy Jas
Such a classic commercial like this, it showed every beautiful things that our country had to offer then, and still has to offer today.
Benajmin Padilla
Gentler image. Much different than today.
dave idmarx
And so this is Christmas..
I tought it was in 76 i was an eight grader at that point of time
Marshal Ironsides
Where's the ganj???
Diggum Smack77
Why didn't they show Trench Town
Make Jamaica great again.
:12. I never thought time travel was possible, but that's Nia Long!
dennever thomas
This commercial was made in the 1980s
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