Poddy C #11: Triple Trouble Marshmello - Together (Official Music 2 days ago   1:05:33

We have a little hiatus for a few weeks and everything goes belly up! Ronaky abruptly leaves Triple Trouble, Tadpole continues his string of bad luck, EyeIgnite becomes a free agent and Kassio is the greatest business mind of the 21st century. Find out our thoughts!

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Lil Abdulnoodles
nice but i feel a facecam being added could make the vid better maybe?
Calum Stout
Love the podcast guys! Maybe a bit less talking about players sleeping with other players mums and orgies would be better but other than that awesome stuff!
Johnnyboi best mate :D
Arthur Schwalm
It's about time, I figured they forgot they had a podcast again.
wtf i never even subbed to this
Just a heads up to people listening that Alpha to TSM was confirmed after they recorded this.
Bubble and squeak can have an egg ontop!!!
Stumpy's intro for Cole's is great
GMC_Xay 229
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Marshmello - Together (Official Music Poddy C #11: Triple Trouble 2 days ago   03:48

Together music video is live! This is a reminder that despite our different cultures and backgrounds, we're all the same ❤️
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