AC Milan vs Inter Milan 2-1 - Serie Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich 7 months ago   08:26

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Perryhornitorrinko Perryhornitorrinko
Yash Kumaraswamy
putra nugroho
AC Milan sekarang adalah club sampah dan pelengkap di italia..!!!
Sudah habis masa jaya mu!!!
Sekarang Intermilan lah club yang akan mengguncang dunia!!!
Forza inter...
Cinta Aulia Putri
naruto amv
Really feel sorry for Milan supporters
Luigi Lanini
Interista diventi pazzo... o almeno, diventavi pazzo...
The guy that says bullshits!
Guys Milan 5th in ranking just 1 point from Atalanta and Inter Milan which are 3rd and 4th in ranking respectevely,we played badly a match with a suckers team so that's why we didn't qualify!
Anyway next year we will qualify and Milan is coming as it should be!
The crisis is ending!
Since in Serie A,there's Cristiano Ronaldo watch the Derby d'Italia between Juventus and Inter which became again a great team!
And start watching Il Derby di Milano more!
muh iqbal
julio cruz is inter most underrated striker
cicilluzzo 76
solo perchè l'inter aveva molte defezioni e giocava quel cesso di rivas
liFE 707
This derby match was the biggest match of the year for every year from 2000 to 2011 it was bigger than el Classico
Chris Sykes
KAKA :') good memorys
Yousuf Ayatullah
How the mighty have fallen
Morgan Stokes
Real men playing football, not these instagram spoiled football rich bastards. Class is permanent. Kaka was a machine, balotelli just a kid , inzaghi so clinical, man these were the days!
Clásico is passion. But these two were the greatest team en Italy along Juventus. That Inter was a beast!!
throw back pipo inzagui i will love you forever my idole
Matheus Felipe
It's so annoying the nostalgic comments.
7:21 Ballotelli?how old was he 16?
What a classis gameplay
Adam Ababil
Miss it
Badreddine Ouadjba
we will back
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Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich AC Milan vs Inter Milan 2-1 - Serie 7 months ago   08:06

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