BECOMING BERT AND ERNIE - Ready Best of Zach Anner: On The Spot 3 months ago   14:57

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Thanks Harry's for sponsoring today's episode. Get your Harry's trial set at Trevor and Jeremy dive deep into rubbery ducky filled Sesame Street. These men transform into monsters.

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Comments 1095 Comments

James Moore
clean shaven Jeremy honestly makes me think robin williams or that one guy from home alone
Mella Berry
Theres just something *wrong* with a bald and clean shaven Jeremy in a striped polo. It's like all the Lil J in him got replaced by normal man. I dont need this alternate universe shit in my life, never do that again
Vera Wilden
Jeremy looks like uncle fester from The Adam's Family 🤣
Christina Taylor
jeremy shaven looks like human shrek
jeremy completely shaven looks like cailou.
“Bert and Ernie if they looked human” looks a lot like a Minbari and a Centauri from Babylon 5
Jacob Damocles
Makeup Trevor looks like a Borg Drone without robot parts.
Miss Murder30
Fuck I hate it haha..
He looks so much older completely bald all round.. he looks like a sporty asshole dad 😭
Ren Linder
What the hell
Andy: "That's a look"
Ryan: "That's a look"
G . i . t . M .
Shaved Jeremy looks like the lead singer from Seven Mary Three
Christian Chavez
Nothing will ever top Chris' reaction to seeing Jeremy and Ryan.
poofaced af
At 6:23 Jeremy looks like uncle fester
"You look like the lead singer of Sabaton"
I mean, I _didn't_ think that until you said it...
Edit: Beardless Jeremy looks like Pvt. Gomer Pyle on speed.
M Goodnight
Jeremy clean shave looks like fester addams
OMG YOU KNOW BRENDON URIE OMG OMG OMG... are there any clikkies...? (tøp) :))) ||-//
Mechanized Satyr
Jerem continues to impress
midgetman 176
A fruit that gained sentience isn't that just a gay guy
Jeremy’s Ernie impression was actually fairly decent
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