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Afro Germany - Being Black | Do You Call Yourself Black British? - At Up-Tube.com

Afro Germany - being black Do you call yourself black British? 9 months ago   41:58

DW Documentary
Black and German: news anchor Jana Pareigis has spent her entire life being asked about her skin color and afro hair. What is it like to be Black in Germany? What needs to change?

In our documentary "Afro Germany", Pareigis travels through Germany to speak with other black Germans, including rap and hip hop artists and pro footballers, , and find out what their experiences of racism in Germany have been. "Where are you from?" Afro-German journalist Jana Pareigis has heard that question since her early childhood. And she’s not alone. Black people have been living in Germany for around 400 years, and today there are an estimated one million Germans with dark skin. But they still get asked the often latently racist question, "Where are you from?" Jana Pareigis is familiar with the undercurrents of racism in the western world. When she was a child, the Afro-German TV presenter also thought her skin color was a disadvantage. "When I was young, I wanted to be white," she says. Pareigis takes us on a trip through Germany from its colonial past up to the present day, visiting other Black Germans to talk about their experiences. They include German rapper and hip hop artist Samy Deluxe, pro footballer Gerald Asamoah and Theodor Michael, who lived as a Black man in the Third Reich. They talk about what it’s like to be Black in Germany.

Learn more about issues featured in this film "Afro Germany", from human zoos to political correctness, in our multimedia special: http://www.dw.com/en/top-stories/afrogermany/s-37071901

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DW Documentary
For the Spanish version of this documentary, visit our new YouTube channel 'DW Documental': https://up-tube.com/channel/HPD1TcXn15hylbDhkm7U4eat
Leslie Deneault
I was born in South Africa (1963), my father always reminded us that we (Cape Coloreds) were the future generation. My friend (white South African) used to say "whites lay in the sun to look like coloreds and blacks stay out of the sun to look like coloreds". My mother once told me that Winston Churchill once said "the future world will one day look like the Cape Coloreds, everyone will be mixed". Jana Pareigis said "I never had a role model", that was so sad to hear, my parents were always my role models and they were both mixed. As human beings we have to learn to love ourselves first, otherwise we will continually raise insecure children. Sometimes also, because of our insecurities we think that others treat us badly because they are racist (we are not mind readers, so how do we know that some-one is racist if they don't verbalize it), maybe they are just angry themselves. Always love yourself first.
RR Apple
The most racists in Germany are actually the "lower class" white, such as Bus driver, fabric workers, supermarkt workers etc. As a Chinese I have this experience. The middle or higher class in Germany respect me, because they may travelled to China or they have open mind. But only the lower class white are especially rude against me(not all of them, but they exist). They have poor lives, and thought that Chinese should be poorer than then. XD
Cedella Watson
The whole Hitler thing is legjt the reason why, until 2017, I didn't think a black person could originate from germany. I then met a black lady that said she's German. It made me feel quite ignorant, and made me realise that you can and must go outside of what you are taught at school, ergo by the government... Oh and the stereo types in this are so shocking its actually funny
Estella Edwards
She’s gorgeous.
Grease quala
Still now in Germany specially in the South. They make sure that you are unwelcomed and do not belong here fellings.
Thomayam Upright
I feel sad every time my afrocentric sisters feel ugly being who they are. Amazing how they give up natural beauty for imposed, fake beauty. WOW!! She's gorgeous!!
A Wyverd
Here we go again.
James Bishop
German people most are so nice - when you listen to these people they are right- dig a little bit - I do see even today little strong bias even with young German. Its hidden away - does come up at times.
Mary Williams
Don’t grieve or blame your parents and the White racists...whom were both reacting to satanic devices.

Just pray to God for guidance and love and give!!
Mary Williams
There are Godly people everywhere in the world which is why the world has not ended. God will prevail!
What's so abnormal about people asking her if she was a German? It's fact--- White people are from Europe, and black are from Africa. Why make so much fuss? She grew up, and now she is matured.
Paul Emitse
Come home sister
Tuff Dreamer
German men love black women
Emile Ngoga
just about 40 minutes ago me and my two other black friends was denied the access to the clup just for the fact that we are black...this comment session is so small to share all the things me and my friends have been experiencing as international students in Germany......the worst part is that if any other discrimination, racism or violation of human right is committed to you..please don't even waste your energy calling the police, we did the same so many time and we come out with a conclusion that they support the movement.....for so many occasions i asked myself what one can do about it...i just realised that since i am not from here i am going to do my time as a student as fast as i can and go back to where i belong cz i am reminded everytime that i don't belong here..
RSA citizen
You wanted to be white to blend in but God made you different to stand out ...You are an attractive woman and pretty sure you have a lot admirers in Germany
One of my Great Grandfathers is said to be from Germany and in my research he is listed as mixed race in a U.S. census report. I wish I could trace my Family in Germany...that would be Amazing!!!
Listen! Here is what you need to know.....The descendants of Africa from the 1800's who became Americans are the reason people of color has a voice in media today. With that said, black americam women in politics, along with Motown and House Music from Detroit and Hip Hop from New York , created and developed by black american men speeded up the race relations across the globe through music.
Safia Ali
I kno its late comment but hey being a different is good and you should be a proud of ur skin colour black is beauty ,at least you safe a lot of money for sun creams .
We all know that the most screwed up black people in the world are the Black Americans.
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Do you call yourself black British? Afro Germany - being black 9 months ago   06:19

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