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Afro Germany - Being Black | Do You Call Yourself Black British? - At Up-Tube.com

Afro Germany - being black Do you call yourself black British? 6 months ago   41:58

DW Documentary
Black and German: news anchor Jana Pareigis has spent her entire life being asked about her skin color and afro hair. What is it like to be Black in Germany? What needs to change?

In our documentary "Afro Germany", Pareigis travels through Germany to speak with other black Germans, including rap and hip hop artists and pro footballers, , and find out what their experiences of racism in Germany have been. "Where are you from?" Afro-German journalist Jana Pareigis has heard that question since her early childhood. And she’s not alone. Black people have been living in Germany for around 400 years, and today there are an estimated one million Germans with dark skin. But they still get asked the often latently racist question, "Where are you from?" Jana Pareigis is familiar with the undercurrents of racism in the western world. When she was a child, the Afro-German TV presenter also thought her skin color was a disadvantage. "When I was young, I wanted to be white," she says. Pareigis takes us on a trip through Germany from its colonial past up to the present day, visiting other Black Germans to talk about their experiences. They include German rapper and hip hop artist Samy Deluxe, pro footballer Gerald Asamoah and Theodor Michael, who lived as a Black man in the Third Reich. They talk about what it’s like to be Black in Germany.

Learn more about issues featured in this film "Afro Germany", from human zoos to political correctness, in our multimedia special: http://www.dw.com/en/top-stories/afrogermany/s-37071901

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DW Documentary
For the Spanish version of this documentary, visit our new YouTube channel 'DW Documental': https://up-tube.com/channel/HPD1TcXn15hylbDhkm7U4eat
Earl Rogers Jr
I can of understand your feelings but I must say when I was stationed in Germany, 14 years after World War II.I have nothing at all bad to say about the German people as a whole.I did two tours of duty there. I did meet some Germans of Africa Ancestery. There were quite a few German soldiers that were from Africa doing WW. Germans are still in certain parts of Africa that they have been in since Germany was a colonial. power and the people speak German.
OHMYGOSH! There is some BEAUTIFUL BLACK people in this documentary.
30:14 to 34:51........................I think I`m in love.
John ETA
The entire world is indebted to black Americans.
Okay that South African dude was hella cute & I love the SA accent 😌
Sheesh I’d wanna move to the U.S if I were them, sure we have our racial issues but at least they wouldn’t feel so alienated because there’s a lot of black people here. I grew up proud to be black here because we have representation in our media. It’s sad these people don’t have this :/
wolfgang Ketscheg
I reallywould like that not everybody will say...."the Germans". I T I S N O T T R U E.!!!!!! Germans are very diffenet. What we have in common is the Passport. That's all.
Uchiha Hikaku
Fuck she's beautiful.
al Sale
Black is the only identity, You don't have to do something or be from anywhere or show allegiance. All these people who need to belong and stick together are in fact showing weakness. To know that at any time the whole world around me will inevitably turn on me is a source of great strength. No pretence that the world is safe or decent. If somebody thinks they are something else other than black, Mixed, "Afro-Something" Or just like everyone else then trust me, You will walk into a room one day and they will remind you who you are. Own your identity We are original people, All others came later. "We are the black survivors" a man once said.
JesusIs theSaviour
So everybody gone ignore the fact that that German rap is lit?
Nyangging Dyeng
Black people are the most beautiful race in the planet. They are superior by nature and all people see that, from their jealousy they treat black people bad everywhere. they don't want to see how humble and nice are black people but then goodness of black people heart other interpret it as weakness and stupidity.
Vi Ki
Nur 10 Monate????? Unfassbar
major houlihan
Asian Germany p l e a s e !!
Rich stewland
Mixed race people are some of the most beautiful people.
M aXa M
This one African dude really shouldn’t live in east Germany...
Julien S
Deutschland für die Deutschen
Romello Hodge
IQ has increased with Black mixed people and I'm one of them.I tested my IQ for being Africn,Chinese and English and my score was a 131.My fiancee is a pure Han Chinese and her IQ is 145,but we're both brilliant and I'm evolved.Mixed heritage are evolved
Miyamoto Musashi
I’m South European. When I was in Berlin , I was assaulted by a immigrant in the underground. But it’s taboo speak about crime in Europe when it’s done by certain ethnicities.
Brittany Meyer
I just love this .
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Do you call yourself black British? Afro Germany - being black 6 months ago   06:19