In losing his cool, Dhoni showed 2 months ago   05:28

Discussing MS Dhoni's altercation with the umpires in Chennai's game against Rajasthan, our panel on MPL presents Cricbuzz LIVE weighs in on the various aspects involved in the incident.

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vinay ms
The rationalizing is sickening. I just hope this attitude doesn't spill over from IPL, which is just a big bleaching machine, to proper international cricket.
Sumit Khurana
Just get one thing clear in your head that MSD- the capitan -will play a major role in WC 19,,, this is no joke people that Dhoni is gonna take the important calls during match time more than our Captain Kohli
Arghyadip Mandal
Cricket means MS #Dhoni.
ch.bharath kumar reddy
once upon a time Virat says if Dhoni bhai says two i will close my eyes and run for two. Here virat is captain not dhoni, if a captain has that much faith in his senior player and captain cool. Then there is point in dhoni walking out and gaining clarity. "I think no one is better than dhoni in judgement". umpiring is very poor in this season. when they have confusion why can't they go for upstairs valid point. they did not get any fine if they go for upstairs. due to mistakes of umpair players are getting fine..........
Allson Peris
Thala is never wrong👍🏼🤙🤙
Nira Joes
is he talking from his ass
nikhil rane
It's funny to see here people justifying dhoni but would not settled for less anything than their head if it was VK or GG or RS 😆😆😆😆
Son Goku
Wah bhai har cheez mein positivity dhund lete hain bhogleji. Main bhi kisi ko peet ke boldunga ki human hun lekin kya wo theek hai akal ke andhon .
dozerex REGINZZ. .
harsha bogle always makes the ri8 stand
Ryan T
it was umpire's fault. Dhonis 100% right! why some idiots making big deal.
Bharath Kumar
No ball is the easiest thing to figure out but we don't do it.
WHY?? Well, how else do you fix matches?
Naveen Shrivastava
Gaurav In ur parting line did u actually gesture at Ben stokes against Chennai, If u did, I love u for bringing it up
Naveen Shrivastava
Umpiring Harakiri is a given, if u were allowed to react than Imagine how Indians could have reacted to Steve bucknor way back in Australia Series. I question the whole intent of the Video, is it so hard to take a stand? And if it is then stop coming up with the discussions which are merely amplifying the dis respect for the sport and allegiance to individuals. #futilediscussion
Naveen Shrivastava
Sadly are we making an individual bigger than the game? Ask yourself.
Kaavya Surianarayanan
Umpires should be fined.
sharath m
Christopher sunil kumar
Yes when there is a confusion BTW two umpire they should have gone for third umpire...
My point of view the umpiers should have fined....
👏 👏 👏
grey Grey
Dhoni showed that he believes he's bigger than the game .
Sundar Rajan
The standard in this year's IPL in all respects is reaching new lows and I am sure there would be more to come by the end of the tournament.
Wangpua Aboh
Dhoni thinks he owns cricket...Even after he is gone,cricket will go on...Shame act.
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In losing his cool, Dhoni showed 2 months ago   04:48