Albania protest: Molotov cocktails Hong Kong: Police and protesters 1 day ago   04:41

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Thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across Albania demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Edi Rama. Some of the protesters have turned to violence, tossing Molotov cocktails at the Rama's office. Opposition parties, in particular the Democratic Party and its leader Lulzim Basha, called the demonstrations, hoping to force Rama to resign and call snap elections. The violence is the latest in three months of anti-government protests. Albania is a member of NATO, and a candidate to join the European Union. The EU and the US have urged protesters to exercise restraint until upcoming local elections.

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John M.
Rama ik, rama go
John M.
I was at this protest crazy
Albania Countryball
Rama go away
Pap Kodra
Luli Go 😁
Herlina Lina
if broke people poor no work sad .albania nice country for travel
Kosova Pavarsi
rusia have do this
Sarmata Lechicki
A co nato Popek??? Niech zajmie stanowisko w tej sprawie
kainsu leeson
why would they want to join the eu nothing good can come from it lol
Mr Mutza
Albanians should think twice about the EU, look what they did to Greece, poorer countries are robbed of resources by the EU then forced into austerity.
History tells how Germany has tried to conquer Europe this time it seems to be working, and lebensraum
is the goal of Angler for Mackerel
Android 1
I don't think that the governin party should step down as the opposition it's worse, it's worse than communist. All the protest organisers are paid for by PD party.
Заболе ме кур...
Support Albania from Croatia! Stay strong!
jent meeese
We have a dictator here! Help us Europe
Its everything except a fight for freedom.
Chris B
Russia Macedonia turkey should stay together
Zana Montana Official
*what do you do Tirana is a good place what happend a bout what protests i'm sorry
really i'm sorry😟*
undeveloped animals
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Hong Kong: Police and protesters Albania protest: Molotov cocktails 1 day ago   10:22

Police in Hong Kong have clashed with protesters marking the anniversary of its handover from UK to Chinese rule.
In chaotic scenes on Monday, police used pepper spray and batons to contain protesters outside a venue hosting an annual flag-raising ceremony.
A small group of protesters also smashed into the government building.
This is the latest in a series of protests against a controversial bill that would allow extraditions to mainland China.
The government has agreed to suspend it indefinitely, but the rallies continue and Chief Executive Carrie Lam is facing ongoing calls to resign.

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