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Avengers: Endgame Is One Of The Best Marvel | 15 Jokes In Avengers Endgame That - At Up-Tube.com

Avengers: Endgame Is One of the Best Marvel 15 Jokes In Avengers Endgame That 2 days ago   17:09

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Avengers: Endgame is the movie event of 2019. Bringing the adventures of Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and so many more to an epic climax. Here's why it's great.
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What did you think of the Endgame? Here's what the Russo Brothers' had to say about the time travel questions in the film. https://bgr.com/2019/04/30/avengers-endgame-ending-russo-brothers-on-captain-america-iron-man/

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Everything Is Love
Endgame is a perfect movie for me. I fell in love with the first act of the movie as they really take there time developing the characters, setting the stakes, and making you feel the emotional weight. The 2nd act is great because you can see how they have grown from the beginning. They have a plan now and showing more of their old selves makes the story feel better with its themes of redemption. Black Widows death was a great end to her arc of trying to right her wrongs. And the finale is PERFECTION. Iron Mans death really made his character go full circle, and had emotional weight that nothing in the MCU Galvan ever touch on a emotional level. The touching moments after, between the characters really set the emotional weight. And Caps finale is perfect. He has always wanted to do what was right, and watching him do that and finally letting him rest is perfect. His dance with Peggy is tear jerking, and I love it. Endgame was perfect, and for me it was 3000/10.
Old video but whatever. I'm astounded how people get confused about the time travel in this film. They establish that: 1) Altering the past does not alter the present. 2) You can bring things with you from the past. 3) Each "past" is effectively another universe, which is why the first two rules work and how one can return to specific places in time more than once.

If they just phrased it as "parallel universes" instead of "time travel" then I swear, nobody would trip up over how it works (even though it would still by necessity be time travel since they are going to different points in time in these parallel universes than their own universe's current time).
Arty Castro
The Infinity Saga
Oscar Dukes
Professor Hulk/Zen hulk (as they wanted to call it) was a fucking disgrace to hulk as a character,they didnt even were content with taking away planet hulk/world war hulk from him to serve in Thor ragnarock instead,they simply said "nah fuck Hulk"
then the destruction of the infinity stones for just plot convenience sickened me...
I liked the movie,yet it was so chuck full of problems that the sweetness taste on my mouth slowly went aaway for a more sour one,the time travel was overly convoluted and just convinient to show off momments even thoug I did like the character scenes and fun momments,but then we get jaring pandering scenes for the females on the final battle for jsut pandering and showing off as casually every single important female stops fighting around and comes around for a poster shor out of the fucking blue, Captain america giving up and staying on the past is so stupid and dumb breaking their own time traveling rules again,
i used to love marvel films but they gradually have been going down for me personally,they havent been bad with one obvious exception(and even then it was more meh then bad) but this ending seemed...so flaws in so manyw ays that it leaved me with such a bad taste
The Crazy Dog Volgs
Finally found a movie that beat the dark Knight
Cool Guy24
to be honest it was a let down
Grognak the destroyer attorny at law
Endgame is overrated trash
Calvin And Hobbes Bear
The first avenger is your favorite cap movie?!?!?!?

Personally, i thought winter soldier was on par with IW.
Endgame is an amazing movie but if you aren’t a huge fan of caps ending and you have 5 and a half minutes to spare you should give my one video a watch. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Thanos in this movie is the Thanos from earlier in the timeline. That’s why he’s so different. And he now realizes that his ultimate plan is ruined before it’s started for him at least. He’s not willing to give up his ultimate plan.
RJ Macready
Wanted to see if this video was satire, turns out your taste in movies is just trash. This movie was a terribly paced, no fun, convoluted MESS... sorry nerds
Be careful of your use of "Fan Service". That term is associated with cynicism and this film doesnt use it in that way, the fan service in Endgame is a reward for fans who followed these charcters for 11 years, and it isnt used to cover up its own flaws like most uses of fan service like Solo.
Jim Harris
I'm of two minds about the movie, like a high tide and low tide. In the theater the last act was a rush of emotions with the exception of the jarring and incongruous fem-force scene that made no sense, and I felt like I'd seen a great comic book movie.

After I got home and chilled out, all the plot holes and nonsensical decisions came flooding in.

As far as I'm concerned the MCU ended with The Snap in infinity War and any new movies that I may go see shouldn't be in the same universe. I don't think I could even buy an Endgame movie unless there is some way I can purge certain scenes from the disk (grief counseling, New Asgard and Fortnight Thor, fem-force, King Valkyrie... guh... to name a few...). Tony Stark and Cap were snapped, that's much easier to deal with than what the movies did to them.

It would take some outstanding writing and storyline-jutsu to fix what my hindsight opinion of Endgame became.
Timing Eternalis
iron man's death was about as lame as han solo's death
it was really just "we need something dramatic at the end and this guy's contract is up, so lets off him.
there was no reason for him to HAVE to die, and that's just a sign of poor writing, when something happens not because the story puts the character in a certain position but just because "we need to tick all the boxes"
Yunik Maharjan
first avenger is your fav captain America movie? what?
Nerdy Earthling
This is what Thanos should have done:

Thanos: I have seen that your pathetic species cannot deal with death, so I will not wipe out half of the universe. You all ready did half the job bringing back the half I killed. Now, I will sterilize half the population with a snap of my fingers.
It's THE best, period.
Dean Harkness
" I am Iron Man " RDJ owns that roll. I'm not much younger than him so I remember all the trouble and stints in rehab back in the 90s. I honestly thought he was a bad choice for Iron Man. Damn was I wrong! What a real life comeback story.
Mrenderkid Productions
I liked the movie but it was just boring honestly
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15 Jokes In Avengers Endgame That Avengers: Endgame Is One of the Best Marvel 2 days ago   03:57

The Best And Funniest Jokes In Marvel Avengers Endgame

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Just like many other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Endgame made us cry, cheer and, of course, laugh. Today, we’re going to be going over some of the best jokes Marvel Studios included in the movie and some of them are ones you might’ve missed. You probably realized the movie reference when Captain America got into that elevator, but we’ll explain why all the comic book fans in the audience laughed when Steve Rogers said “hail Hydra.”

Time travel can introduce a lot of plot holes into a cinematic universe, but it can also add a lot of levity. We’ll include some of the funniest moments you might not have noticed the first time around, including a Ben & Jerry’s reference from Avengers: Infinity War. Did you think Bruce Banner was holding a pint of ice cream too? And if you missed the book being read by the security guard in Scott Lang’s storage unit, we’ll let you know why “Terminal Breach” was the perfect choice for reading material and, of course, we’ll talk about the time Thor had to deal with some creatures straight out of Norse mythology, but with a great modern twist.

Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite Avengers: Endgame moments of levity, what was the joke that made you laugh the hardest? Make sure to share it with us in the comments section and then click on the subscribe button for more great videos from us here at CBR.


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