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Chicago Bears greats Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers

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Bob Peterman
There will never be another dick butkus. The best.
Luther Baker
Butkis was a bad MFer
James Swann
I love looking at the old films.and listing to the guys and the music to go with it. It's nothing like those days
Gale was the closest thing to Barry.
Gale Sayers was a man a kid could look up to! I was a kid when these two men played and will never forget either one of them.
Andy Tuesday
Respect for the drive and talent of the great legends. Amazing
We don't watch football any longer....all the great of the past are gone.....
andy man
Man those were the days they played real football...
Daniel Batitsas
Anybody else remember Jack Brickhouse? He did the Cubs and the Bears. I think I heard the phrase "Galloping Gayle Carrying the mail" at least a thousand times. Brickhouse said that almost every time Sayers carried the ball. We were awful in those years, Butkus teams had only one winning season. As a 60 year Bear fan it is obvious why. How many Bear QB's are in the Hall of Fame of even were in the Pro Bowl? Halas died with 120 million, so we hear. think what we could have done with 5 or 10 mil of that invested in quarterbacks? That game with the 49ers was in the rain and mud. What would Sayers have done if it was dry? There will never be a game like that again.
William Peterson
He was considered all-Illinois when he was in high school, when asked why he was so successful, he said, "I like to hit!" On the tonight show when he was all-American and Johnny Carson asked why he was an all-american, he just said, "I like to hit!" When he was all-pro, Johnny Carson asked why he was so successful, Butkis said, "I like to hit!"
graham cameron
As a Rams Fan- Respect
rubber ducky
Seeing players carrying one of their own off the field during injury is a sight youll never see again.
Paul Carr
It's hard to compare eras but Sayers truly was a once in a lifetime athlete that like Bobby Orr in hockey , had their careers cut way to short .
Watch the way Sayers moves and you never knew what he would do next .
6 touchdowns ?. Are you kidding me .
This ain't college but the NFL .
Injuries are a bitch .
Tattooed Geezer
This is REAL football.
matthew moeller
Gayle Sayers : PHENOMENAL!
matthew moeller
i would not want to go before him!
Kevin Miller
Nice to see this again......two tremendous athletes.....made the game so good back in the day
Anytime I hear the name Gale Sayers, I immediately think of Brians Song
Well goodness they didn’t even Brian Piccolo at all. I think I saw his number 41 once or twice.
Taylor C
The Bears had Butkis and Sayers in this era and they didn't win a single playoff game. And for that, George S Halas shall remain in Purgatory.
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First appearance of Tim Conway's Oldest Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers 1 year ago   14:40

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