Orthodox Church split divides The Orthodox West-a documentary by Adam 2 days ago   03:36

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That Guy
Christianity is too Middle Eastern/Semitic for me.
Thomas Schmidt
This village will eventually have 3 separate parishes,a Ukrainian Orthodox parish,a Russian Orthodox parish and a Greek Catholic parish. And then there will be peace.
Nico Frontier
He can take his Tomos and shove it ! It is not worth the ink and paper , Schismatics Heretics and now thieves the make Judas look innocent the pigs !!!!!
Ian Mackenzie
"Faraway Istanbul"? Seriously?

A "rigged" vote, Fr. Serhei? Like the vote in Crimea your moscow masters arranged? I think not.
This is fake church. Catholic Church only real way to salvation. Others will burn in the lake of fire.
Out Of Oblivion Productions
Suffer for your sins Moscow.
Chris Smith
Patriarchate of Moscow is run by former KGB agent. The choise for Ukraine is obvious.
Hadi Purwanto
Actually Ukraine is a victim in this case. Russia took Crimea and split their country apart. Of course they want to separate from Russia led church. Especially when Russia church leader support Russia aggression in Ukraine.
Ring Dave
Times have changed. religion is fading away. this is good for Humanity, less religious Fantasy is good for Humanity.
Good time to go pagan 🤟🏻slava ukraini slava azov
(ಠ_ರೃ) JeezusChrylser, thanks DW for the bowl of iced weltschmertz on a Saturday morning.
G Watsittoyaa
Ukraine took things to far , identity politics thru religion , Evik church
Russia left the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in the first place. This divide had to do with patriarchal agreement with the Ukraine and this angered Russia.
Don' rely on religion too much. Learn , think, and judge for yourself. I like Ukraine but I'm sorry to hear that.
Red Tankgirl
This is so much bs. I thought a religion was to bring people together and teach good morals and love and compassion. So much for that theory. It doesn’t seem to work out even within the same church. Silly, really.
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The Orthodox West-a documentary by Adam Orthodox Church split divides 2 days ago   40:11

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Film Description:
Follow three men on their journey to becoming western rite priests in the Orthodox Christian Church. This is part one in a three-part documentary series.