Film Theory: No One Survives Disney! Disney Princess Ariel - The Little 8 months ago   18:35

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The Disney Princess Problem ►►
What is Disney's Body Count? ►

* Our final count for this episode is ACTUALLY 3,520! That will be used in the final episode of this series!

We are diving back into the crazy waters of Disney movies! Who lives? How many do NOT? It's time to continue our search for the most lethal Disney movie! Today we are covering classics from The Lion King, to the Little Mermaid, and all the things inbetween.

Credit to José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros for the thumbnail art!
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Brian Cheng
the good dinosaur?
Daniel Johnsen
Treasure planet was a good movie, it was killed by Disney not marketing it at all.
Becca Rose
Treasure Planet may have been a box office failure but it was still a great movie.
Raven Vanmitiston
You forgot Sitka in Brother Bear
High Fivers
I've never seen Brother Bear, but I did play the PC game for it, that sh*t was dope!
Kamara Service
Disney owns Marvel

Marvel= 1 of the 4 avenger movies ?-?
Nathanael Scott
He forgot all The male lions that died cents only the females were left
oscar eyking
I'm going with Dinosaur
Excuse me matpat ❤️ you but treasure planet is awesome like helloooooooo!!???!!
Dumb Crap
How about the bugs in lion king
Plague Doctor
Nice lioden Hyena useage
denki kamenari
I think Moana is the most deadliest because island extinctionfrom.
The Unsettled 1
Did anyone notice that the hienas were marching like Nazis? Heil Scar!
Beenie boo Creations
Ok so let me get this straight in one version ariel turned into sea foam and in the second version she commited suicide just to be the color of the sky?!?!?! Disney is so messed up
hailey nopr
Thomas Stewart
atlantis wins
Deron Anderson
If we do all of Disney 2nd place is star wars.
Deron Anderson
I think if you added marvel I think the death count would would be easy (cough) half of the universe a.k.a infinity war.
Ironwolf 1
I have a sudden urge to order Treasure Planet from the library...
does that make SCAR the MOST EVIL Character in Disney History ??
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Disney Princess Ariel - The Little Film Theory: No One Survives Disney! 8 months ago   08:10

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