Film Theory: No One Survives Disney! Disney Princess Ariel - The Little 2 months ago   18:35

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What is Disney's Body Count? ►

* Our final count for this episode is ACTUALLY 3,520! That will be used in the final episode of this series!

We are diving back into the crazy waters of Disney movies! Who lives? How many do NOT? It's time to continue our search for the most lethal Disney movie! Today we are covering classics from The Lion King, to the Little Mermaid, and all the things inbetween.

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Comments 10030 Comments

Devon Lee Andereck
Okay, Home on the Range was literally my favorite movie growing up!
Alexis Ervin
my money is on a Mulan because she killed 2,000 enemy soilders
Jeran Maloney
Smokey Mcpot
Never seen dinosaur. But shouldt it win sense all dinos are extint? Or dose the movie have them not go extint?
Cool Dude
Did people really not like treasure planet? I used to love that movie.
Micaela Ledo
Home on the Range is so good tho
Lil Cookie Swirl
R.I.P Childhood Dreams.
Natty's Place
I think itll either be lion king, moana, or mulan
Gamervids 97
Moana wins
ruweyda ismail
I found Nemo at 9:21. Can you catch it ?, a tip (slow down the video)
Disney's Bambi
H e r c u l e s
Matthew Du
Izzy Michaud
I liked Treasure Planet 😓
It was a good movie ^ ^
100 subs with no content
mulan is going to win
Ivelina Angelova
Dude this is screen deaths
Stop doing death estimations
You are doing the total deaths
#Cheetah_ girl24

Chicken little: no.. Dad😞
TheCoopers Coopers
Would star wars count because force awakens was the first Disney star wars but it wasn't the first in the series so would that count cos there is literally over a bill on deaths with the galaxy being destroyed and than star killer base
Kayla Ruth
Bruh I’m kinda salty cause y’all said Home On The Range was apparently that bad because I loved that movie and watched it all the time! Is my taste in movies really that bad
Winter Army
What makes lion king even more sadder is not just mufasa death but all the other animals at pride rock they don't know that they are gonna be eaten by the lions 😂😂😂😂😂
Roxy Bluetube
16:16 should be a cooking show.
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Disney Princess Ariel - The Little Film Theory: No One Survives Disney! 2 months ago   08:10

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