Emma Pretend Play w/ Flying Emma Pretend Play Selling 9 months ago   05:01

Toys and Colors
Emma pretend play with her new toy a flying fairy Flutterbye deluxe light up doll made for girls. Emma has a dream that she was playing with a cool new flying fairy toy. She tells Auntie about it and asks her to buy one for her at the toy store. Uncle Tim arrives with a flying toy and told them he got it at the toy store. The Flutterbye fairy doll lights up with magical rainbow light colors and flies in the sky! They leave and buy one at Uncle John’s toy store. Uncle John shows them how it works, but it falls down from the sky and breaks. He couldn’t fix it, but luckily he had an extra flying fairy doll in his storage. Auntie and Emma goes home and Emma plays with her toy. The toy flies around all over the house and is so much fun to play with. Emma makes some pineapple juice for the fairy with fruit toys she got from her pretend garden. The fairy invited Emma to go play with her baby doll friends Elsa and Rapunzel. They have fun and play with ice cream toys!

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Emma Pretend Play Selling Emma Pretend Play w/ Flying 9 months ago   06:28

Emma pretend play selling fruits and veggies toys with her farmers market food stand toy! Emma buys a corn costume from Uncle Tim to try and attract more customers to her farmers market. Emma didn’t have enough to pay Uncle Tim, so she traded some fruit and vegetable toys for the costume. Auntie and Emma compete for customers because they are selling the same toys. Emma and Auntie join forces and make a giant farmers market store. Auntie buys a grape costume and it works at attracting more people.