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25 Best Romantic-Comedy Movies (As Of 2013) | Life As We Know It Official Trailer - At Up-Tube.com

25 BEST ROMANTIC-COMEDY MOVIES (as of 2013) Life as We Know It Official Trailer 4 months ago   05:58

The song is " You Got Me" by Colbie Caliat :)

Feel free to ask me on what list do you want me to do next and I'll do it :)) Thanks for watching :D

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Wow... I already watched most of it. I need a new list
sharmila acharya
I love the number 1 such a moviepractical
Stephy The Bride
Thank you!You have turned me feels on with He's Just Not That Into You,and I shall be grateful!
Karen Wisusa
Romance buff here...
I think one of my all-time favorite romantic movies is Bed of Roses.
I also like The Accidental Husband, Lucky Seven, The Matchmaker, Someone Like You, What Women Want, The Wedding Planner, Someone Like You, Nottingham Hill, ... I could keep going but I’ll stop there.
Luiza Émile
I only have three movies left from that list and two that I've started but haven't finished, which means, five. Only five! I'm sad! Need more movies.
Akia sanders
Josh Duhamel
chris sampson
Nick & Norahs Infinite Playlist though
Akia sanders
how to lose a guy in 10 days
Salma Benz
i watched alllllllllll this movies hhhhhh
An Tran
What about Some Like It Hot , The Apartment , It Happened One Night , Bringing Up Baby , The Philadelphia Story , Breakfast at Tiffany's , Annie Hall , Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind , His Girl Friday ??? And what's up with Katherine Heigl .
Normenss santanaaaa
leap year is irish accent not british
Khalil Belhadj /Lucky Boy
waaaw the best movies ever ..all movies you selected are so wonderful..thank you..
Rodette-Shaira De Jesus
bounty hunter dude
I miss Izzie from Gray's Anatomy ~ I like No.1 same you too. >
Casey Vee
While I could debate a few of these, the only real issue that I have with this list is that it should probably say 25 Best Romantic Comedy Movies from 1990-2013. There were dozens that most here could not even compete with, starting in the late 1930s all the way through the 1980s. Might still be a few of these on the list, but most would be bumped off.
Marie Jaja Roa
I love Leap Year!!!
Avis Hawthorn
What Is The Title Of this Song?? I Love It! :D
ilyas fadil
500 days of summer? :/
Srbija Gaming MA
Life as we know it - grate film. perfect.
Panadsada Rathanarathasakool
I'm a big fan of letters from Juliet , really good and romantic one
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Life as We Know It Official Trailer 25 BEST ROMANTIC-COMEDY MOVIES (as of 2013) 4 months ago   03:01

Life as We Know It movie clips: http://j.mp/1JbO97z
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When their friends die in a tragic accident, Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel must overcome their differences as they cope with the responsibilities of sudden parenthood in this romantic comedy.

Two people who can't stand each other are forced to care for the same child in this domestic comedy drama starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. Holly (Heigl) is a caterer whose career is just getting off the ground; Eric (Duhamel) directs sports for a major network. Their first date was a nightmare, and now they're about to become a family. When their goddaughter Sophie's parents both perish in a tragic accident, Holly and Eric are informed that they were singled out as Sophie's caretakers in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Now, in order to raise Sophie right, this bickering pair must put their differences aside while mastering the fine art of parenthood. Coordinating their new lives and getting along won't be easy for Eric and Holly, but somewhere between the conflicting schedules and drastic lifestyle changes, the reluctant couple realizes that with a help from Sophie, they're starting to resemble a real family.

TM & © Warner Bros. (2010)
Cast: Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel
Director: Greg Berlanti
Producers: Paul Brooks, Denise Di Novi, Alicia Gelernt, Joe Hartwick Jr., Katherine Heigl, Nancy Heigl, Barry Josephson, Brad Kessell, Scott Niemeyer, Norm Waitt, Alexander F. Young
Screenwriters: Ian Deitchman, Kristin Rusk Robinson

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